A Letter to TNB Community Members

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Dear TNB community members,

Perhaps you have been experiencing a hard time in the bear market, or feeling exhausted from fighting fudders, or losing faith in TNB project, or maybe you just want to leave and say goodbye…

Being in the blockchain industry, TNB team feels the pain of every community member feels, and even more distressed, because this not only has been hurting you, but also affecting the stability and long-term development of TNB project.

TNB is the first innovative project that utilizes blockchain technology to improve individual time usages. TNB team calls the new model of “co-create and co-share of individual time value” as “Time New Bank”.

In the past days, although TNB team really did a lot of work, the team is willing to do more and talk less, until TNB eco-system is prosperous. Maybe such style not really fit the current situation and let you suffer the most from the temporarily undervalued price. For the time being, the M.I.T mainnet was launched and currently is running testing, coin swap for TNB will be take place soon and the long-planned future is about to come.

At this stage, you may have some misunderstandings about the TNB project, but TNB team has been fighting and not easily influenced by the outside world. TNB has a project team with rich experiences, partners with strategic resources, platforms for mainstream exchanges, and adequate reserve of funds. The team firmly believes that the TNB project business needs and blockchain technology have reached an overlap. The team has found the business model and technical solution to solve real pain points, and will take chances to break through the roadblock to the future.

The M.I.T mainnet is open to all and TNB belongs to all the holders. TNB team invites everyone to join, create and share together.

In order to get more friends to re-understand TNB, also more helpful volunteers join us, in the coming few days, TNB team will publish a series of “re-understand TNB articles” to explain in-depth every aspect of TNB.

TNB is growing

TNB will flourish

If you like me, please value me like your friend

If you love me, please cherish me like your lover

Community construction I:

1) TNB Wechat community construction plan

2) TNB community volunteers recruitment plan.

3) There will be 1 million TNB give away for community members (after the M.I.T mainnet activated)

We will keep fighting to realize the freaking awesome dream of TNB! Please bear with us and stay tuned!

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Yours sincerely

TNB Team

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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