Bi-weekly Report (01.05.2019~01.18.2019)

We provided the biweekly report on the M.I.T&TNB project to all the supporters, communities and followers.

M.I.T&TNB Development

1. The beta version of TNB forum was released.

2. TNB — PC Wallet token transaction monitoring function is currently under development.

3. Solved the problem of TNB public chain is not compatible with the go1.11 version.

4. Fixed TNB public chain X509 authentication related bugs.


On January 6, 2019, the TNB team was invited to attend the Global Blockchain Leader Summit(GBLS) ceremony as an outstanding project leader and was awarded the GBLS Global Blockchain Annual Investment Value Project.

ECO of M.I.T

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Dong Peiliang

At 2:00 PM, on January 18, 2019, Dong Peiliang, TFUND senior investment manager, firstly landed on the MiaoA ATTS board and trialed the individual digital time customized trade. Different from the previous on-line process mechanism, Dong Peiliang independently completed the individual digital time pre-sale by means of personal influence, and he directly opened the transaction. His personal digital time selling price is only 0.1TNB/ seconds, the circulation time are 559,000 seconds. The highest transaction price reached 50 TNB/S within two hours after the launch.

TNB Team


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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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