Bi-weekly Report (10.27.2018~11.09.2018)

We provided the biweekly report on the M.I.T&TNB project to all the supporters, communities and followers.

M.I.T&TNB Development

  1. Optimizing the M.I.T Block Explorer.

2. Modifying some sections of the M.I.T &TNB official website, developing and testing the new function.

3. Establishing the block reward scheme of the M.I.T mainnet. The initial block reward is 12.5 TNB and 20% will be attenuated per 3,200,000 blocks. The total amount of block reward is 200 million TNB (the miner reward will be gradually unlocked from the locked position of the operation and maintenance, the total supply of TNB will not increase).

4. In order to ensure the interests of all the TNB holders, the miners will be required to hold the minimum TNB. If the balance of the miner is below the target value, they will not be able to compete for the rights of bookkeeping (please stay tuned to the announcement of the official website).


In response to the China Double 11 Carnival, the TNB team launched a community activity “show your wish list and share the shopping red packets of 50,000 TNB”. Participate and share 50,000 TNB.

ECO of M.I.T

On November 4, 2018, the internationally renowned model Victoria Varga first sold her personal digital time through the MiaoA digital time trading platform ATTS. Varga’s digital time was quickly sold out within 2 hours which cause high attention in the industry. On November 5th, the MiaoA ATTS platform announced that it has officially opened Varga’s personal digital time trading.

It is undeniable that MiaoA digital time trading platform combined with blockchain technology is a pioneer in the sharing field and has won great attention and recognition in the industry.

As the only woman on the platform and the leader in the new field, the internationally renowned model Victoria Varga has had a huge impact on the industry. Now MiaoA platform is gradually building an ecosystem of diversification and sharing, and determined to use the blockchain technology to create an ecosystem of global talent gathering.

TNB Team

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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