Bi-weekly Report (11.23.2018~12.07.2018)

We provided the biweekly report on the M.I.T&TNB project to all the supporters, communities and followers.

M.I.T&TNB Development

  1. TNB Team released the mitWeb3 for Java, which has been uploaded to GitHub to open source (
  2. Optimizing the token swap function on TNB official website.
  3. Optimizing the Token module on the M.I.T Block Explorer.
  4. Developing the client wallet for TNB.


On November 26th, TNB as one of the excellent projects was invited to attend the Blockchain International Media Group summit hosted by BIMG. TNB senior advisor shared the value and vision of the TNB project to 3,500 personnel including big names, top media, and institutional investors, which was widely recognized.

ECO of M.I.T

At 2:00 pm on November 30, a professional manager with many years of investment experience, the founder of Tianji Investment, the co-founder of the Farmfang network, and the founder and CEO of AppleMex, Wang Yujie launched on MiaoA ATTS platform. The personal digital time he issued for the first sale was completed at the fastest speed in three minutes. In the ATTS mode, he was called the “fastest issuer”. It is worth mentioning that as a new generation of investors, Yujie Wang has played a vital role in the new digital spirit and unique insights into the investment field.

On December 1st, Yujie Wang’s personal digital time was officially launched and opened for trading. After the launch, the value of his personal digital time appears to rise continuously. Up to now, it has achieved 6 days consecutive up limit, which fully proves that the market fully recognizes the personal digital time quantification and its value-added space. It can be seen that the ecological evolution of MiaoA combined with blockchain application will be even more promising.

TNB Team


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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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