Blockchain time pioneer: TNB applications used, the entire industrial chain continued to advance

Since October, under the call of policy blockchain technology encouragement for the real industry, even with the basic principles popularization to the deepening integration of blockchain technology in traditional industry, it has once again become the focus of cross-industry. In this context, the blockchain industry development trend is also gradually polarization, it has always maintained the direction of exploration, research and development; on the other hand, it is the footwork miscellaneous, gradually ejecting concept hype project. Among them, with the help of the policy, we took the lead in “marriage” with the traditional entity industry, Nirvana Sports, and further completed the TNB time value transmission network with the online and offline integration in the entire fitness club industry. However, with its innovation in the application level of blockchain technology, and the foundation work of building the first public chain, it has quickly become the leader into the physical industry. Obviously, the rapid development of TNB public chain has once again confirmed to the industry that the goal of its research blockchain technology and scene integration are definite and unique.

More importantly, in the development of TNB which is dominated by the DApp, it has indeed formed a set of mature governance system based on the commercial application. And in the practice and exploration of ecological DApp — MiaoA to increase “blockchain time consumption” towards application landing, it takes personal time Nasdaq strategy as the innovation pillar. Eventually, it has become the most representative and commercial ecological application in the TNB public chain.

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As Xiaowu Ji, a senior adviser of TNB, said in a previous sharing class: “there are many places in the world and any field of technology and knowledge may go through a curvilinear process from high to low.” The low level may be due to the lack of application supporting, forced to temporarily drop to a low ebb. At this time, there will be a lot of people choose to leave, this is a sign of short-sightedness. Those who are really affected by the bear market, or who reject the wind direction of the policy, are speculators. “

It is believed that in the development with policy guidance as the main theme, more and more physical industries gradually integrate the blockchain technology transformation process, and the whole industry is in the process of specialization and standardization. It will also work together with new star blockchain enterprises such as TNB, and promote the re-upgrading of real economy efficiency, cost, trust and so on. Meanwhile, the lack of standardized management of the blockchain enterprises, its standardization construction transformation into the value reengineering, energy mining and other stages, is bound to also need the benchmarking enterprises in the blockchain field to complete the leapfrogging and breakthrough. As a result, the process of making blockchain technology really serve the real industry through various dimensions will also shape a broader consensus system for blockchain technology.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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