Deepen TNB public chain layout, block producer will be coming

As the first time concept to empower more ecological, the application in TNB public chain can come into talents, commodities, finances, games, great health and other scenarios. This will not only give more interaction, co-construction and growth mode between distribution targets and community users, but also a good way to realizes the circulation of transaction, consumption, settlement and distribution targets in the chain digital technology. At the same time, it can excavate and foster more commercial value of digital value in unit time.

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Recently, after upgrading in ecological participation rule framework and TNB public chain, the stringent online screening criteria have effectively improved issuers participating quality. Therefore, the standardization of ecological operation rules by TNB public chain will also help potential value behind issuers to achieve more growth and value-added space. Moreover, the clear value-added logic, relevant buyback, delisting and airdrop mechanisms also make the community users to rise, so that in the upcoming producer recruitment, TNB time ecology has formed a thick reserve situation for alternative nodes in various fields. TNB public chain, as the first one to put forward the “digital time” innovation mode in the industry, its main body is the key factor around the growth and cultivation and development of talents, which has become the most attractive and profitable transmission network in the field of blockchain. Attraction is due to the model itself is enough innovation, novelty; while profitable is the talent in the time system as a measure, any person with work skills have ability to convert personal time into corresponding remuneration. And in the TNB public chain, ecological implementation standards in the potential talent as target of strict, meticulous online requirements, its development potential will be more inestimable. Therefore, the contend for this block producer are also worth looking forward to.

In addition, TNB public chain is the foundation of ecological world, secure and credible connecting cornerstone. In the application of blockchain technology, it further realizes the efficiency, compatibility and universality in the chain, making all interactive behaviors in the chain form a situation of interconnection, intercommunication and win-win. Therefore, TNB public chain after continuous improvement of technology, it is appropriate for TNB public chain to start the campaign of block producer once blockchain industry recovers.

More importantly, in the planning and implementation of block producer governance in TNB public chain, the effective core resources, diversified exercise scenarios, multi-media, related industry solutions and technological advantages will also bring brand-new institutional innovation to TNB ecological architecture. Secondly, the decentralized community ecological co-governance model will also give each participant right to make suggestions for ecological construction. Finally, more funds will also further promote the increment of digital value. Of course, as a pioneer of “digital time” in the field of blockchain, it is an even more important responsibility to accelerate blockchain technology in more scenarios and industries, and jointly promote the orderly development.

TNB Team

June 12th, 2019

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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