Dialogue with Xiaowu Ji of TNB senior advisor, interpret the new process of digital time development

On October 18, 2019, TNB Senior Advisor Xiaowu Ji, in the TNB English Telegraph Group, brought about the prospect analysis of the development trend of digital time for community users in the aspects of TNB swapping, strategic cooperation, market expansion, etc. and launched two rounds of dialogue with community users.

As we all know, Xiaowu Ji, as a senior advisor of TNB, provides valuable suggestions and guidance for the development and application of TNB bottom technology in the commercial operation regarding time and economy. At the same time, because of his successful practice of commercial value-added exploration in the field of blockchain, TNB public chain and its ecological application can take the lead in realizing commercial landing. There is no doubt that Xiaowu Ji is an absolute preacher.

Q&A, dialogue with Xiaowu Ji

Host: Hello, dear all friends of the TNB community. We attach great importance to the suggestions and related questions about TNB put forward by our community recently, so we have specially held today’s online AMA live broadcast event here.

Here, Xiaowu Ji , senior adviser of the TNB, will also have a dialogue and exchange with all members in the English Telegraph community for the first time.

This exchange will answer questions raised by community members on TNB mainnet swap, strategic cooperation, market development and so on.

Ji: Hello, everyone. It is a great pleasure to be here today to exchange and share with you the relevant development process of the TNB project. I am Xiaowu Ji, senior adviser of TNB.

Host: In response to the questions raised recently, I would like to start throwing them out one by one. And Mr. Ji is to answer for us one by one. The first question is: when mainnet at exchanges (and Binance).

Ji: TNB team has completed the technical development of TNB mainnet swap with the Huobi Global, and the swapping chain exchange technical development has entered the final testing phase. At present, the TNB token collective swapping plan has been initially formed, and will be delivered on the 18th of this month.

In the early stage, the technical team is also conducting in-depth communication with Binance, Bitfinex, DragonEX and other exchanges, that is, to ensure that the swapping of tokens in all secondary markets is completed in a short time. At that time, everyone can visit TNB’s official website to experience independent accounts and wallets based on TNB’s mainnet.

The specific launch time will be arranged according to the progress of the TNB project, community members, please follow the TNB official moments, please look forward to it.

Host: transparent financial now and future?

Ji: The financial data of TNB remain transparent and open all the time. Our team has made it clear through the official website. For more information, please visit the TNB official website to check. https://tnb.fund/transparency.

The cost of TNB operation ecological construction is mainly used for talent support, technology development, media publicity, activities and so on. The unlocking of each TNB is spent in strict accordance with the plan and will be made public in all communities and official channels before unlocking.

At present, TNB has always followed the strict rules in the financial aspect, which is also a basic attitude that the project side is responsible to the majority of holders and responsible for its own development.

Host: how many people working now for TNB?

Ji: The entire TNB team includes the TNB-ECO Foundation, technical team, data team, product team, content team, operations team, brand public relations team, new media operations team, business team, and Singapore business division.

The total ecological number of team employees is about 60 +.

Host: when new celebrities and marketing campain?

Ji: MiaoA is constantly renovating the selection system and launch rules for digital time issuers. We negotiate with prospective issuers in various fields every month and finalize them as issuers who are more responsive to the needs of users and more convenient to exercise.

Our technical team has also worked very hard, working around the clock to upgrade the version. And you can also learn from our biweekly report and official news n that we have launched new features, such as red packet, daily sign-in and lucky draw, and so on. I hope you can wait patiently.

In fact, recent marketing has been going on all the time. Bjorn Guo, Founder of Dream Scuba diving, also did a activity for overseas boat accommodation and diving not long ago.

The MiaoA platform is also airdropping digital time from issuers, also including me. And we will launch more activities later. Please take an active part in supporting MiaoA.

Host: any trading competition?

Ji: Not yet. TNB in order to ensure the smooth progress of the swapping, the team mainly to the mainnet swapping as the focus of development, do not receive any technical support activities.

Of course, after the smooth end of the TNB mainnet swapping, Huobi Exchange will synchronously open the TNB/USDT trading pair, the specific activities of the TNB team will be further discussed with Huobi.

We also hope to take Huobi Exchange as a breakthrough point, can design more games to attract users. Of course, we also sincerely welcome to cooperate with any trading platform.

Host: what about Yunshang Capital? what they do for tnb?

Ji: After the strategic investment of Yunshang Capital, TNB has not only listed the bank.xxx high-quality exchange, it has introduced a large number of users for TNB ecology in a short period, promoting the ecological prosperity. But also brought strong support for the promotion, and acceleration of the possibility of multi-scenario TNB application. Other partners of subsequent Yunshang Capital will also be integrated into the TNB, and we are in further cooperation to see if we can maximize the integration of high-quality resources.

Host: TNB new roadmap, when and what in?

Ji: TNB’s roadmap might not be perfect. After all, in this market, we do things in a down-to-earth way. Over the last year, we have spent almost all of our energy on playing a solid basic skills, saving strength.

In fact, I have also mentioned the contents of the roadmap above, including the TNB public chain, the TNB mainnet swap, the TNB foreign cooperation, and, of course, including our trump card Dapp — MiaoA. Everyone is also a skilled general, we do our job well at the same time, we will also undertake some external incubation projects.

Host: will be TNB/USDT pair at Binance?

Ji: Not yet. The cooperation between the team and the Binance Exchange is strong and stable. At present, the trading volume in Binance is relatively constant, and the market fluctuates normally, so it is the best choice for the team not to intervene.

Host: somethink about IP STAR co-operation?

Ji: Partners who pay attention to TNB must have seen that recently, TNB and IP Star have initially reached a strategic consensus and an intention to cooperate. Last time, I was invited to attend the Thousand People Festival in Hangzhou, TNB won the industry award.

And it was the first on-site project to sign strategic cooperation agreement with IP Star. IP Star is now hot in the blockchain industry, and there main advantage is the aggregation and fission of community users, an advantage that is needed by all project parties.

In the follow-up approach, TNB will rely on its own technology first-mover advantage, traffic integration as the breakthrough point, I believe the two sides will reach a win-win situation.

Host: two awards for tnb, it is only symbolic or real value?

Ji: The two consecutive awards won by TNB are the summary and recognition of the TNB public chain in the past year, as well as the prospect of the future development direction of TNB.

At the same time, it also shows that TNB promotes the continuous strengthening of the layout and application ability of the scene application, as well as building a full aspects of industry format and constructing a seamless supply and demand industry chain, which has once again won the support from the industry.

Of course, the two awards have also played a real role in boosting morale in the TNB community. TNB, as one of the first public chains in the industry, can still be praised by the industry, and the whole team is particularly proud.

I think the whole team will continue the usual style of TNB in the future, excellent forging our products.

Free communication, dialogue with Xiaowu Ji

Q: Next, whether there is new or more DAPP access to improve the TNB circulation and utilization, I think this is of great help to TNB.

Ji: You are absolutely right, after completing the overall swapping, TNB will have more DAPP access, which is also one of the prerequisites for the prosperity of the TNB digital time ecological community, and TNB will certainly perform circulation and payment functions within the DAPP.

New tokens will also be issued on the subsequent TNB public chain, and they will all have their own application scenarios.

Q: Can you talk about the planning for the coming year?

Ji: Our plan is very clear, based on the TNB time economy, we have to continue to work on, this is one of our main line, but also the brightest part of the project. A lot of competing products imitate us in 2017. And then we all saw the results. We also need greater strength, higher frequency of time concept iteration, the value of potential talent into digital time to the market, offline and online interconnection is the future trend, so, We’re still at the forefront of the industry. We are committed to building a “BTC” in the field of time.

Q: Now that there are so many projects, how can TNB develop in such a competitive market? What are the advantages?

Ji: At present, the blockchain market is still disorganized. Of course, compared with the year of 2017 and 2018, all practitioners have been much more self-disciplined, and the quality of projects has also been greatly improved, but never been the main factor considered by the TNB team.

We still stick to our own ideas and do things in a down-to-earth manner.

The competition in the market will be more fierce, and TNB will always cooperate extensively with its strategic partners in a way of inclusiveness, cooperation, interoperability, and co-construction. I think our own basic skills and the ability to cooperate deeply with the outside world will be integrated. That is our greatest advantage in standing!

Host: Time flies!, AMA is now completed. Thank you very much for Xiaowu Ji’s wonderful sharing. In addition, all members of community can put forward their own suggestions and expectation toward TNB, from the aspects of product design, brand promotion, event design, and so on. That is OK.

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