Embracing time airdrop, Enjoying investment dividend, Lin Zihao’s first dividend is coming

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Lin Zihao

Since the “Guarantee Plan” launched, MiaoA has been making great efforts to strengthen dividend mechanism and stabilize token for platform users, it is to improve income and efficiency of blockchain and personal digital time on the track of operation. As a result, it is to further realize the both participants value added.

Lin Zihao: Investment Dividends to Holders

According to MiaoA community news, after multi months of individual digital time selling, Lin Zihao will firstly pay dividend for MiaoA users who hold their digital time. On Mar. 15th, the stock position snapshot and MiaoA user position snapshot are scheduled to be held at 18:00 (UTC/GMT+08:00). Significantly, fifty percent of the profit portion in its stock position snapshot will determine TNB dividend amount according to the data of MiaoA user position snapshot. The dividend will be completed within 15 working days after snapshot.

Lin Zihao, as the co-founder of Tlabs Block chain incubator, TFUND CEO, harbors fully investment experience as rooted in the internet enterprise investment management for a long time.

Lin Zihao is going personal digital time to raise funds through the secondary market Hong Kong stocks and U. S. stocks to invest as return earnings. The dividend will be issued to holders in the form of TNB.

Airdrop Digital Time, Sharing Bonus

More importantly, on March 8, Lin Zihao also set aside part of his personal digital time to carry out an airdrop reward activity. The event lasted four days with enthusiastic mode. MiaoA teamed up with potential issuers to digitize their time applications, and the dividend mechanism for participants is also being innovated in a variety of ways.

MiaoA earning rules, Empowering the talent time asset

The implementation of the “Guarantee Plan” is another breakthrough for MiaoA to explore a stable income mode. For a long time, MiaoA has been focusing on innovative time concept defined by science and technology, sparing no effort to solve the needs of data opening, value stability, value added, and other links for users, but also constantly innovating application and invest precisely.

In the future, MiaoA will continue to pursue multi-scene applications in a way of using blockchain technology, so that more ideal and aspiring people can digitally launch their personal time and co-creation concept through the platform. It is to provide participants with a high-quality and credible time consumption environment, enabling participants to share dividends.

TNB Team


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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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