Empower Time, Link the Future

Time is precious, time is money. From the tickets of the fan meeting to the Buffett lunch, the time has always been given a definition of value, and humans have been looking for the rules to define time. The blockchain naturally conforms to the definition of time, and TNB was born.

TNB has come through the whole year. Looking back, we are grateful. Thanks to every community member and business partners who have accompanied TNB in the past year, thank you for all your support.

TNB has come to this day, and the achievements have not come easily as they are the result of the painstaking effort of the whole team, and carrying all the hopes to TNB from countless users and business partners, so we never dared to slack off. Over the past year, TNB experiences the founding, glory, setbacks, and progress, but no matter what the outside circumstances may be, we have been working hard and never gave up.

In October 2017, the contract of Ethereum ERC20 TNB token was created. In November, the fundraising was initiated. The goal of 40,000 ETH was completed in just one week, so the fundraising was finished ahead of schedule. As the amount of raised funds has met the future operating expenses of TNB, therefore, the remaining 458,122,107.78 TNB were all bunt out. The community was heated up by the active participation from the global community members.

We issued a total of 5.5 billion TNB, followed by listing on some of the top ten digital currency exchanges, Huobi, Bitfinex, OKEx and Binance. As of now, there are 16 exchanges that TNB has been listed on. The current total supply is 4,515,707,418 TNB and the circulation is 2,459,435,804 TNB.

We did not stop after issuing TNB, because we know where it is that we really want to go in the future. In less than two months, TNB has achieved the landing of the first application scenario-MiaoA while the industry was still in the fundraising stage. When MiaoA Dapp was launched the individual time of Kim Jong Kook was also listed, which was rare in the blockchain industry at that time. Then the platform launched the private dinner of the U.S. president Trump, boss of the blockchain, Laomao, annual meeting of Buffet the “God of Stocks”, the individual time of famous footballer Paolo Maldini and Didier Drogba. We speak with dada as to the market demand of the celebrity time, among them, the rush period of Didier Drogba time was up to 750 million TNB.

Time is passing, MiaoA is progressing. With the constant exploration and creation of rules and models, it launched the ATTS model and MiaoA Mining Pool. ATTS is short for Autonomous Talents Time Sale, which aims at everyone can sell their own digital time, and also marks that TNB has reached the ultimate goal of “NASDAQ for individual time”. Currently, three outstanding people have been autonomously launched on ATTS. The international supermodel Victoria Varga issued 1.296 million seconds and sold out within 2 hours. In the pursuit of the time value, TNB as a bold creator with continuous exploration and breakthrough innovation, the rules of “quantify” are getting clear and refreshing the definition of “time and money”.

The original intention of TNB is to create a decentralized time-value transmission platform. We realized that relying on other networks is unable to achieve the vision of TNB ecosystem. After several months of research and development, TNB Team launched testnet and mainnet in May and June and started the testing. The mainnet is using PoW+PoS consensus engine that ensures the security and efficiency. In addition, another highlight is the X.509 standard for TNB mainnet, which creates digital identities for individuals or organizations whoever has the requirement of authentication. Real name and anonymity of the mainnet account can coexist. Finally, the mainnet officially launched in November and also started the token swap on the official website. Since then, we have an independent blockchain network dedicated to the ecological development of TNB, and it has become one of the earliest projects that have an actual mainnet.

TNB performance and core business concept have been favored by many blockchain industry experts and investment institutions as well as the community members. Over the past year, TNB has received investment from several well-known investment institutions and has reached strategic cooperation with a number of blockchain media and teams to establish multi-dimensional ecological cooperation.

In the meantime, TNB Team actively participates in the offline activities to showcase the project to global users, make more people aware of TNB, understand the value of TNB and reach a higher consensus.

Since the establishment of the TNB community, over time, the number of community members has increased from 0 to 60,000. More and more people are aware of TNB. During the development of TNB project, TNB Team has organized a variety of activities to give back to the TNB supporters. Once again, thanks to the friends who have been accompanying TNB all this time, every achievement that TNB has gained cannot be separated from your support and trust.

TNB Team has always adhered to the original intention of decentralized management. According to the White Paper, M.I.T Foundation had planned to transfer MiaoA China ecology, which accounts for 18% total supply of TNB. However, due to policy and business model upgrading, etc, the plan only implemented migration incentives, and about 1,025,728,386 TNB were left unused. The team decided to let the community vote and the final decision was made by the community which was burnt all the 1,025,728,386 TNB.

The blockchain is completed new attempt, and everyone on this road is learned by trial and error. We had difficult times, but most importantly we persisted.

Now we will gradually enrich the construction of the TNB ecosystem from all sides, the basic layer, application layer, ecological layer. Meanwhile optimize the mainnet technology continuously. Apart from MiaoA, we will introduce game application and social situations and more excellent Dapps to join the ecosystem, making the blockchain 3.0 not just a concept but a real application for people’s lives.

In December, we will launch a new strategic deployment. TNB ecology will connect the existing ecosystem and build a TNB super-ecosystem on a global scale, take each node as the source and incubator. Ultimately, TNB will become a comprehensive time ecosystem with the time value transmission as the core and integrate the needs of the whole society.

Empower time, link the future. Building a decentralized TNB super-ecosystem is relying on the participation and support of each community member. We hope that the global community can work together with the team to achieve co-creation, co-building, co-sharing and mutual benefits.

Along with the change of the time, TNB continues to progress. We started by looking up to the value of time, trying to achieve and breakthrough. Will we stop?

Never will.

TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.