Exclusive Interview With Ji Xiaowu of TNB Senior Advisor By Jinse Finance, Bullish For Blockchain and Time Mode

On Feb. 17, Ji Xiaowu, TNB senior adviser, launched his personal time on the MiaoA digital time trading platform. It is once again through miaoa(China) platforms to sell their own time. But at this time, his time belongs to the blockchain industry.

Ji Xiaowu completes personal time digitization online by blockchain technology

Back to 2017, in the context of fans with strong consumption ability, sharing time spring up for a short time, but their fans rather than mainly groups. Therefor, sharing time mode development came across its significantly bottleneck. At a time when Jan. 2018, with the help of blockchain technology, MiaoA opened up internationalization of time sharing mode and nurture its digital time trading platform. Joined hands with a number of international issuers, MiaoA present those people to the public in a more open form. Through blockchain technology advantage, the personal time application in a complex business environment is realized.

By virtue of decentralized characteristics of blockchain technology, the platform has been built into a value interconnection ecosystem featured by personal time sharing, co-construction, co-creation, and co-benefit. Namely, all people with great potential value can online virtually their personal time digitization and commercial rights binding through MiaoA ecology, in order to realize further promotion and sharing under the multi-business environment.

Ji Xiaowu’s personal time online MiaoA is another commercial value-added exploration practice in blockchain field. This time, his services will aim at the sharing and popularization of knowledge in the blockchain industry. On the MiaoA digital time trading platform, users have right to exercise freely after purchasing TNB.

Ji Xiaowu exercise service mainly includes as follows: Blockchain Investment Banking Consultancy Services, Blockchain Investment Banking Advisory Services, Blockchain Business Model Optimizing Service, Chainplus Project Advisory Services, Blockchain Analysis on Development Direction and Future Opportunity. Ji Xiaowu himself also bluntly said, behind the digital time launching, it is not only born of the deep accumulation of blockchain industry, but also the support and recognition from investors and friends, and he will continue to work into blockchain industry in the future.

In order to protect rights and interests of MiaoA investment users, Ji Xiaowu personal digital time also made a commitment to guarantee the bottom line.

As of February 16, 2021, the contract expiration date, Ji Xiaowu will buy back all unconsumed personal digital time at a 30% premium to the issue (at the fiat price half an hour before opening transaction). Ji Xiaowu is combined with online personal digital time in its blockchain technology, the most of earnings will be used to give back to investors. This not only ensures the transaction stability but also is linked to all his credit standing, thereby securing the investment.

According to Ji Xiaowu’s digital time exercise earning plan, its fifty percent earnings will be used for personal digital time repurchase and write off on MiaoA platform, while another fifty percent earnings will be self-sustaining. At the same time, Ji Xiaowu give a promise that 60% of his self-sustaining earnings use for personal digital time repurchase and write off on the MiaoA platform.

What is the time value?

“In the whole universe, everything is connected to time. Without time, there may be no image. In fact, every thing own its values. Such as antiques undergoing thousands of years, its value has been able to change from ordinary porcelain into today’s priceless treasure. In other words, the same is true of the time behind everyone. Since the employment relationship, all working time has been calculated by salary. In essence, everyone recognizes the time value but time using differently. ” Ji Xiaowu give his unique time understanding.

What kind of spark can blockchain and time generate?

Ji Xiaowu said, blockchain is about more than technology but applying technology to create business value. The situation of blockchain today is particularly similar to that of the Internet around year of 2000, with insufficient user base, unclear profit model and extremely difficult payment. Therefore, it is urgent to find an advanced way to solve these problems so as to promote business model and its value appreciation. In addition, the blockchain can bring about more changes than today, just as the Internet brings not only technology but also business model changes. And relying on personal time value, commercial realization with blockchain technology is the most innovative business model.

What is the requirement goes online platform through time?

Ji Xiaowu’s gives its clear answer, you must firstly have a certain user base, followed by the investment quota and time node limits. For example, how many fans are willing to buy your time, and what is the amount of time each person is willing to buy your time? Above the two points, the MiaoA platform has corresponding standards and minimum thresholds. If the fan base is not up to standard and everyone buys only one Yuan, then there is no any point. Finally, there are also standards for the time nodes for personal time to go online for pre-sales. Each participant needs to pre-sell their own time within a certain period of time. To sum up, participants should have the ability to distinguish and make good use of all parties. As long as users are willing to consume, it means that their time is valuable.

At this point, the time economy has many similarities with the fan, but it is very different. In Ji Xiaowu’s opinion, fan economy is basically that fans are willing to spend and follow their idols out of their love for them, but it does not mean that all fans can spend their idol’s time. In other words, except for the excitement brought by love, such consumption may not bring substantial value. But the time economy advocated by MiaoA includes both likes and substantial value.

“We are truly able to bring benefits to users, and this kind of income may be reflected in assets or in knowledge.” Ji Xiaowu said.

“For us, all the premise of providing services is to recognize the value of my time to you. When this is done, the business model will be passed.” Ji Xiaowu said.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.