How to vote for TNB Super Tribes?

With the opening of the TNB Super Tribe Global Campaign, the competition between the tribes carrying the concept of convergence and values is also in progress. During this period, there are not only high-quality enterprises from all over the world involve in TNB time ecological construction, super tribal reserve force and other consultations, but also community loyal fans follow and recognize. At the same time, they have initially realized the co-construction, connectivity and ecological prosperity among the tribes, all of which are constantly attracting the participation of a large number of new users.

How to vote for TNB Super Tribes?

1. Please visit At first you need to register with your email or your mobile phone number. Click “my account” and then click “recharge”.

2. Copy the deposit address. Transfer TNB to Super Tribe individual account.

(1) For TNB holder, directly transfer TNB from listed exchange, digital wallet or DAPP to Super Tribe individual account.

(2) For non TNB holder, deposit or withdraw TNB from listed exchange are as follows: Huobi、Bitfinex、Binance、Dididu、KEX、OTCBTC、Huobi후오비、SDCE、CEX、DragonEx、 bigone、Bibox.

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1. On the home page, you can select the intention Super Tribe to vote with zero threshold pledge, one TNB cost one vote. More details, please click Rule Description.

User gets the corresponding proportion of earnings according to the number of votes cast, and the arrived time is T+1. Since the TNB Super Tribe Pool will be used as an annual award plan at 20% of the annual unlocked margin, the annual award plan for TNB will be gradually reduced, so the sooner you participate in the vote, the more awards will be obtained.

TNB Super Tribe Global campaign not only provides a simple, convenient and secure voting experience for their holders, but also brings more revenue channels for the orderly development and coordination.

At present, the global campaign for TNB Super Tribe is in progress. If you want to make more like-minded friends through TNB community and grow rapidly development, then being a member of the TNB ecological co-construction, you will enjoy more bonus, benefits, and speaking right from the TNB development.

TNB Team

July 15

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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