Interview with MiaoA Partner Coach Liang: When time meets the blockchain, your time value is yourself.

The following is the exclusive interview.

Lead: It sounds very abstract when it comes to digital time trading, but in essence, the logic is the same with intellectual payment and Star Broker, etc. If one day your time can be redefined based on your value, your time is being labelled with a price tag then we can trade time. It even becomes a symbol of an individual and has the value-added space.

He is a consecutive entrepreneur who was born in 1980s and known in the industry as “Coach Liang”. He is the MiaoA co-founder, TNB partner, co-founder of the Yangtze River Private Board, the chief operating officer of Zheli Technology Co., Ltd. Currently, he is fully responsible for the marketing of TNB and MiaoA.

What is MiaoA?

MiaoA has combined with the blockchain, which gives the “time” the trading attribute. The platform has been launched for nearly a year and received the warm market response.

In order to better demonstrate the time-value of time exporters and effectively connect the supply-demand relationship between time exporters and time demanders, TNB (Time New Bank) is introduced as the sole settlement token for transmitting the value of time commodity, which generates the time-value transmission network — M.I.T.

Coach Liang said, “A perfect timing is necessary for a product to become popular. MiaoA had completed three rounds of financing within one month after launching. Simply put, MiaoA will sign up potential people to make profits including cyber celebrities, stars, entrepreneurs, experts, etc. Their time can be listed via MiaoA platform, fans and investors are able to purchase, experience and trade. The celebrities that have been launched before August, they are Kim Jong Kook, Trump, Buffett, Laomao and Italy international-Paolo Maldini”.

The greater goal for MiaoA is to become the platform of “nasdaq for individual time”, and realize the time tokenization of each valuable person. That is to say, those who are truly capable and able to create value, their time can be launched based on the blockchain technology. At the end of August this year, with the listing of international star Didier Drogba’s digital time, marks the strategic plan of “nasdaq for individual time” is successfully launched.

How do you understand individual time tokenization?

On MiaoA digital time trading platform, time tokenization means the TNB that users hold can be deposited in your personal wallet. Time is intangible, so token is the proof that users have done time purchase. Users can convert celebrities’ time by token and get the payment done via MiaoA platform.

Coach Liang used an analogy, “All celebrities’ time can be truly experienced in addition to trading via MiaoA. For instance, you can make an appointment with your favorite entrepreneur or invite your favorite idol to a party, and the reward you get from it will be far greater than the value that money can bring”.

Why are celebrities willing to cooperate with MiaoA?

Everyone is paid because of devoting your time in work, so do the celebrities. What MiaoA does is selling celebrities’ time in units of “second” via the platform.

For example, for celebrities, they would still be paid the corresponding compensation under normal conditions, however on MiaoA platform celebrities or anyone with labor value can get the long-term reward from their own value. In the meantime, due to the digital time locking mechanism of the upgraded platform, the time on the market is guaranteed to be constant and only after the time in circulation being exercised or repurchased, can the portion of frozen time be unlocked by an equal amount, which ensures the fairness and justice of the digital time trading on the platform. More importantly, by binding the core commercial business interests, ensure the stability of value and liquidity for the issued digital time.

The above measures, for listed celebrities and users on the platform, this model is based on the economic model of co-creation and co-sharing of individual time, which will achieve the value transmission and value-added “blockchain+individual digital time” in a high dimensionality and diversification. The application of this model will achieve dual benefits, so the celebrities are surely willing to cooperate with MiaoA.

Is time being listed on a blockchain platform really necessary?

Coach Liang said that there should be pay off if one devotes time in work, the richness behind the time makes it easier to circulate after being listed on a blockchain platform. It is a typical blockchain thinking.

The natural advantage of fans base that brought by celebrities helps MiaoA gather a lot of user resources in the fastest time. At present, with the launch of the strategic plan of “nasdaq for individual time” each valuable person can issue their own digital time on the main chain via MiaoA. Coach Liang used the copyright issue as an analogy, “After the celebrities released movies on M.I.T main chain, the box office information can be recorded and traced, which solves some fundamental issues in the entertainment industry, so the “time” is very suitable for the blockchain industry”.

Speaking of the diversified ecological layout of MiaoA, Coach Liang said the time is the foundation that belongs to human beings. Not only celebrities but doctors, teachers whoever with great value can issue their own digital time via M.I.T main chain, the launch of “nasdaq for individual time” on MiaoA marks each individual can issue their own token.

The criterion of identifying air coins: how many users on earth pay for your projects?

“How many people are willing to pay for your projects” have two-tier meanings. 1. Someone uses your token. 2. Prove that your blockchain is of business value”.

When it comes to identify the air coin, Coach Liang said, “We cannot use a short period of time to judge whether or not a project is the air coin, but we can focus on if the project is progressing according to the white paper and forms a complete commercial closed loop and makes profits”.

The project party must tell users and investors that you can operate in the forward direction. Currently many projects are like answering examination papers, even if they have developed the public chain, at the same time you will also need somebody who is willing to pay for your products on the public chain. Otherwise the answer will only prove your high IQ but not the value you created. The public chain will eventually be commercialized which requires forming a market where to have both buy and sell to make profits. It is the positive business logic, not the bubble stage that is now staying.

Blockchain is the wings for dreams to come true

The blockchain thinking shares the same way of thinking of the Internet, and the core value is realize dreams for people who have faith. This is the most attractive point to individuals and the society when the digital time is issued via blockchain platform.

Coach Liang said, “There are thousands of projects that issue tokens and it’s normal for a lot of them to fail. But it is a great progress as long as one of them finally achieves the plans and goals in their white paper, which is of significant and will make a huge contribution to the entire business development. Therefore when you earn 100,000 yuan per year, you may only focus on basic life issues, such as food and shelter, while you will think more about blue sky, fresh air and clean drinking water like Jack Ma when you own enough fortune”.


Even though it is the winter time for crypto industry, the policy is getting clear and individual time is still with high-quality to invest. The time attribute of each person is the same, yet different in value. When your time is listing on the blockchain platform someday, you will not only need to find the value of yourself and others through blockchain but think about how to stand out and add value to yourself. This will have great significance for the development and progress for individuals and the society as a whole.

TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.