Ji Xiaowu: Industry At Low Ebb Is A Good Time For The Blockchain Improvement


It is a pursuit of an attitude toward blockchain industry. In a word, my pursuit is not only a trusted technical, but also a spiritual belief.

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Ji Xiaowu

On January 29, Ji Xiaowu, a senior consultant at TNB, explored the business model around blockchain in the Bull Market Finance and Economics sharing class, bringing the most forward-looking industry perspective on the digital economy and driving the business model to landing smoothly for community users. Ji Xiaowu provided very valuable suggestions and guidance for TNB development and technology landing in the commercial operation of blockchain technology. And under his leadership, the TNB public chain and its ecological applications were able to take the lead in the commercial landing, he is recognized in the field of blockchain preacher.

Ji Xiaowu always holds a rigorous attitude toward digital currency market value. In his view, only BTC has reached global consensus and trust in the development of encrypted currencies in the past few years, only BTC can be called a real digital currency. But beyond that, other coins virtually can be called a digital integral. ETH is supported by a large number of ICO applications, EOS is supported by strong community positions, its essential business model is not clear and does not have monetary attributes. Therefore it can only act as an integral role. Only by working out the business model that digital integral have, can we support the commercial realization of its value. Ji Xiaowu said.

What Internet To Information Is Blockchain to Value Interconnection

In this sharing, Ji Xiaowu made a simple analysis of blockchain technology. The blockchain is much like the internet in 2000, he says, and several other features are very similar, such as a small user base, difficult payments and unclear business models. Therefore, it is imperative to find a way to solve those problems so as to promote the business model landing and the appreciation of value.

And for the ICO market vision, Ji Xiaowu also said that is not optimistic. First of all, the market environment and policies are not allowed, ICO hurt too many people that make them more awake. At the same time, its essential logic is to preposition IPO in the case of unclear commerce, which is obviously not in line with the economics laws, and it has completely become a pyramid selling mode. Therefore, the era of ICO will eventually be submerged.

However, blockchain technology itself is valuable, and its application also requires a value transmission tool which can be seen as a digital integral of the internal ecology. Of course, the integral also represents the rights and interests in the ecology manifests, then, there will be more people to participate in only if its values appreciated. Therefore, the commercial realization spawned by a sound and sustained integral appreciation model is the only standard to support assets appreciation.

It is worth mentioning that the team under the leadership of Ji Xiaowu realizing ecological landing and becoming a leader in the field of blockchain at one fell swoop. There were many investment banking services of top enterprises at home and abroad that wanted to participate, but Ji Xiaowu always maintained his initial intention. His yardstick is to hand over businesses to society as an ecological application industry, rather than distribution projects with clear profit requirements.

Industry At Low Ebb Is A Good Time For The Blockchain Improvement

Ji Xiaowu said, the development of blockchain industry in recent years has indeed been relatively rapid. It seems that there are many curved lines places in the world, that is, technology and knowledge in any field may go through a curve process from high to low. The low level may be due to the lack of sufficient application support, forced to temporarily fall to the trough. It’s like running a marathon. The one with more confidence who can be the final winner. After all, a few people control the world’s progress and finance.

At this stage, because of industry in a downturn, more people are in fear with the background. Ji Xiaowu is still in the layout of ecology diversified development. He said the internet has also experienced several rounds of bubbles, after 20 to 30 years can reach today’s top level. Since the development of blockchain is in the early stage, then there is still a dividend of user cardinality. I believe that blockchain as an underlying technology, its application and value will far exceed the Internet. We can’t just look at the current depression. only by doing things in a down-to-earth period can we really lead the industry to success in the future.

At the same time, he said, speculators who were actually affected by the bear market.

TNB Public Chain: Everyone Can Access To Value Ecosystem

TNB is the first ecology in the world to realize the personal time value transmission. It is based on the time economy in its sharing and co-creation under the blockchain background.

The value lies in the quantitative redefinition of time behind everyone. It provides a personalized display platform for global talents, and the ultimate realization of their own value through value-sharing and quantitative value-added. Its significance is that through the digital technology integration and sharing economy, it is not only promoted the blockchain technology development, but also nurtured an open ecological architecture in a wide range of individual capabilities and potentials. It is also another great choice to help increase personal wealth.

Ji Xiaowu still pioneer the blockchain application and strive to build a high-value ecological determination and embodiment.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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