M.I.T & TNB Bi-weekly Report(From July 20th to August 2nd)

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To help understand M.I.T & TNB conveniently and comprehensively, we will release The M.I.T & TNB Bi-Weekly on Friday, with the M.I.T & TNB development progress, actions, etc. Please stay tuned.

The following is The M.I.T & TNB Bi-Weekly from July 20th to August 2nd:

I. M.I.T & TNB Development Progress

1. Fixed Go 1.12+ compilation problems with the client program Mit, and file descriptors for MacOs.

2. Mainnet memory optimization by timestamp.

3. MiaoA APP upgraded the function of exercising, simplified the process of exercising, so as to more convenient and faster for users.

4. TNB Super Tribe website added an overview of 7 days of new revenue to make the data more detailed and transparent, and depth optimization for tribe reward allocation adjustments and user voting convenience.

II. Actions

1. On July 26, 2019, it was officially announced that TNB introduced Yunshang Capital strategic investment. Yunshang Capital, as an international organization specializing in blockchain investment, is a long-term supporter of TNB projects. In this investment, Yunshang Capital is very optimistic about the TNB commercial application practice in time blockchain, and recognizes their spirit of cooperation and innovation. More importantly, under the strong combination of co-creating in the industry, the strategic investment will also build a close bridge for the both sides, and provide powerful support for TNB to accelerate the multiple channels integration.

2. TNB is about to list bank.xxx digital currency trading bank, and open TNB/USDT trading pair. Deposit time: At 12:00, on Aug 3, 2019. Trade and withdrawal time: At 12:00, on Aug 4, 2019. As the exchange invested by Yunshang Capital, bank.xxx will also support the TNB ecology development strategically. Besides, the both sides will continue to work hard for the whole industry innovation and integration, but also strive to create more diversified value for investors.

3. As of August 2, the number of TNB super tribe vote reaches 318,797,392 TNB, accounting for 11.5% of the total circulation. At present, the super tribe ranks as MiaoA, HashFin, DragonEx, Gravity and Huobi Pool.

4. On Jul 21, the token swap works of TNB listed exchange was started, and completed technical connection with the Huobi Global and DragonEx.


1. On Aug 1, the founder of Truth Yoga, Yuchuan Shi’s second digital time buyback and burning has been completed on the same day, which means that the second dividend bonus award will be ushered. According to the interpretation of issuer’s white paper “digital time airdrop dividend plan”, MiaoA platform will assist the issuer at 18:00 of Singapore time on August 2, 2019 (UTC+8) to take a snapshot of digital time position for users who holding issuer’s digital time.

2. On Aug 2, by now MiaoA has received 114,053,968 votes in the TNB Super Tribe official voting website. The total cumulative revenue is as high as 4,148,376 TNB, and the total amount of users’ rewards is 2,400,657.75 TNB, ranking the first place.

3.MiaoA platform completed the digital token works of new issuers, and developed personalized online plans for the full combination of offline business and online traffic.

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About M.I.T

M.I.T (MiaoA International Timechain) is committed to building an accurate time value transmission network, we highly recognize the commercial value that people pay for their time. As various individual has a different demand degree, the one who is more helpful to others, the higher demands are acquired. It is always lead to a higher value of the corresponding time commodity. In order to better reflect the exporter time value, the supply and demand relationship between the time exporter and demander can be connected efficiently. With TNB (Time new bank) as the time commodity value transmission settlement token, we use blockchain technology to build an underlying platform, which featured by decentralized, cross-border, flexible trading, price transparency, rights and interests. All those characters are well protected time value transmission platform.

TNB Team

August 2nd, 2019

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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