M.I.T&TNB was invited to participate in the Global Media Blockchain Summit

The first Global Media Blockchain Summit, co-sponsored by Forbes and BIMG (Blockchain International Media Group), ZhongJin Culture Industry Foundation and JinSe, will be held on July 19th at the Financial Hall of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. M.I.T&TNB was invited to attend the summit as the world’s first digital time tokenized platform.

M.I.T&TNB Senior Advisor Mr. Xiaowu Ji will present a project presentation to show the current technological innovation and ecosystem of the project to blockchain experts, scholars, blockchain enthusiasts and Media friends, which will lay a solid foundation for the future applications in the M.I.T&TNB ecosystem.

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The following is a brief introduction of the Global Media Blockchain Summit (Hong Kong):

The summit will gather more than 100 global media groups (China, US and Japan, etc) Dozens of the well-known names in the industry with the advantage of distinguished guests and media groups will make a grand event in the blockchain industry.

Summit host, BIMG revealed that the summit has invited more than 100 global media groups, including the traditional media as well as the new generation of blockchain media. Everyone will jointly develop the blockchain at the summit. In-depth discussion on issues such as prospects, industry trends and existing problems will also be addressed at the summit.

At the same time, BIMG said that the reason why the first event was chosen to be held in the financial hall of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange was to enable the media and blockchain enthusiasts to stand in the famous place of Hong Kong and review the current situation while looking to the future.

It is reported that BIMG is the largest global media alliance in the blockchain industry, based on the powerful appeal and mature operation mode of media and integration organizations, BIMG constitutes the world's largest media realm that dedicated to the blockchain information dissemination and is one of the most authoritative institutions in the blockchain industry.

It is introduced that BIMG will launch a proposal at the summit and join many well-known media to jointly establish a global media blockchain alliance, aiming to form an authority that covers more than 130 countries and regions, affects three billion people.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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