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Blockchain technology has been developed for nearly 10 years. Blockchain 1.0 (BTC) mainly achieved value transmission facilitation around the world. Blockchain 2.0(ETH) mainly achieved investment and financing facilitation. At present the blockchain technology is evolving towards 3.0, TNB team believes that it will realize the entity interest digital tokenization, and utilize the token economy to achieve the co-creation, co-construction, mutual benefits of the community.

“Individual + Community” dual-drive development

TNB team is planning “NASDAQ for individual time”, hoping to use “blockchain + individual time” as individual crowdfunding to create the “individual + community” dual-drive development for time issuers.

TNB wishes that quality celebrities and potential talents who involved in public service industry recognize the real meaning of “NASDAQ for individual time”, especially those talents in early stage. They have dreams, interests, talent, and time but no money, resources, connections and supporters to go one step further. Dream angels have broken their wings by the real world, abandoned their talent and lead a normal life. TNB team firmly believes that “NASDAQ for individual time” is the key to their future.

Future world must be an open, cooperative and win-win new era. The efficiency of open collaboration is significantly higher than that of working alone. Those quality celebrities and potential talents should make use of TNB platform to issue their individual time digital token, creating a community interests of industry resources, customers, and supporters, creating the “individual + community” dual-drive development for time issuers.

Investment-Return Mechanism of Time Token

1、The main principle of Investment-Return mechanism of time token:

1) Time issuers issue time token that stand for the specific value of future time, raise funds and resources for developing and spread cost risks.

2) Time token holders are partners of time issuers supporting community, risk sharing and revenue sharing, and the development community will continue to contribute to the long-term development of time issuers

3) Time token holders share the value-added income of time issuers’ developed stage through transfer, exercise or repurchase of time token, and obtain investment return.

TNB team believes that as long as the above basic principles are being met, the specific form of time token Investment-Return mechanism can be varied and allowing market to make decisions. In principle, the more clear and reasonable the Investment-Return mechanism of time token, the more able to win the trust of investors and the community, the more incentive effect of token economy, the more helpful of individual growth. TNB team will explore the market response of different Investment-Return mechanisms in pre-demonstration cases about “NASDAQ for individual time”, and set up a MRFC standard documentation library and open to the TNB community about business model and operational experience.

2. The fair value of time token

The fair value of time token = the present value of time issuer + the value-added options in the exercise period

The expected upside potential of the time issuer is the X factor that mainly affects fair value. The larger the expected appreciation space, the greater the value of the value-added options, the greater the fair value of time token.

3. The function of TNB platform for time issuers

1) Targeted sale crowdfunding. Targeted sale to raise cryptocurrencies like TNB/BTC/ETH, and the crowdfunding targets at specific resources, customers and supporters.

It is worth noting that time token is the digital warrant of time issuers’ individual time value (entity rights) and intangible goods of labor value, which is different from the blockchain project token on the market. Time token targeted sale crowdfunding, in essence, is a targeted selling behavior that intangible goods representing labor value sell to some certain objects, not ICO behavior.

2) Time token smart airdrop. Time issuers can do time token smart airdrops to reward specific community contributors in a convenient, efficient and timely manner, to strengthen the contribution enthusiasm and long-term cooperation of community members.

3) Time token trading on open market. When time issuers’ business service income meets certain requirements, time token can be listed on TNB trading platform, and realize the market resource allocation and pricing for time issuers’ every second.

Invitation and Commitment

TNB team would like to invite quality celebrities, potential talents and those who want to help them.

If you agree with the concept of openness, cooperation, and mutual benefits, and have courage, sincerity, and integrity, willing to open up your talent and time, and stick to the bottom line that future time specific value belongs to all the token holders. TNB team will very much hope that you can participate in “NASDAQ for individual time” to build yourself an individual time value token community of co-creation and co-sharing, lay a dual-engine development pattern of “individual + community” to maximize your talent.

As a participant in the blockchain 3.0 project, TNB team is also commit to fulfill the concept of openness, cooperation and mutual benefits, and open TNB technology platform, business model and operating experience to help each one who would like to participate in “NASDAQ for individual time” to build their own time token community in a more controlled way and realize self-financing and self-development.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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