The campaign of TNB Super Tribes is about to start

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Today, the campaign of TNB Super Tribes is about to start at 20:00 of Singapore time on June 17, according to

TNB Time Value Transmission Network.

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As the first public chain to implement “Time Digitization” business application across the world, TNB has a relatively complete and effective decentralized “blockchain time” governance system, and its governance structure can be said to be second to none in the industry. Secondly, TNB public chain always focus on promoting the normative and community environment, in the face of any strategic leap forward, every member of community members can boost the implementation of the strategy in an orderly manner. Therefore, the order and effectiveness of ecological structure will also make great contribution to TNB super tribe.

The strategic importance of TNB super tribe campaign

Firstly, it is to win-win in an open way. The opening of the super tribe election means that more high-quality partners from different fields will soon join the ecological development by creating a consensus mechanism of “digital time” ecology. We will further establish strategic cooperative relationship to form stakeholders community, and continue to inject energy into the construction of the ecology. Moreover, we will promote a solid new pattern of digital time industry in the ecology as well.

Secondly, it is to promote development in more security way. After TNB super tribe official launched, the data on the governance, transactions and other behaviors on the chain are recorded by the all tribes, which greatly improves the transparency and security of each transaction, consumption. At the same time, the TNB main chain implements the hybrid consensus mechanism of PoW+PoS, which will further ensure the robustness and stability.

Thirdly, it is to rich scene by more experience. TNB has opened up a new track of time economy with groundbreaking thinking, and has been rooted in the commercial application for many years.

The super tribe will also bring more rich usage scenarios for TNB and provide a more diverse consumer environment for community users. Therefore, TNB public chain after the expansion, the high-performance application of its ecological architecture and the decentralized governance brought about by its extensibility will also become a new starting point for the development of TNB.

Fourth, it is to use technology to enable energy. The TNB super tribe has established a complete token data and supervision system. After all tribes have officially settled in, the operating data of each node is transparent and accessible.

TNB public chain assist “TNB Super Tribes” campaign smooth running

Specifically reflected in: First, TNB public chain has been continuously promoting the maturity of community autonomy ability. Since its launched, the TNB public chain has been promoting the governance reform of the community from strong centralization to weak centralization. Therefore, with the start of super tribes campaign, it will be gradually managed by the community members through voting mechanism, and the complete decentralized management of the community will be quickly realized through the mature and standardized “baton pass” process. Second, the TNB main chain implements a hybrid consensus mechanism of POW+POS. The characteristics of the PoW+PoS hybrid consensus mechanism are reflected in the fairness and decentralization, which will be more beneficial to community participants. That is to say, POW guarantees the safety and stability of the entire ecological community through workload, eliminating the potential risk of 51% computing attack. POS enables community users to vote and obtain relevant income with their currency rights held by means of pledge. This will ensure the rights of TNB holders to the maximum extent and further promote the realization of TNB super tribes autonom

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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