The concept of TNB “Blockchain time”, and the new time digital economy is casting

In the fields of transaction, securities finance, logistics, security traceability system to copyright, poverty alleviation, the application of blockchain technology is blooming everywhere. Among them, the key factor of landing is the establishment of trust mechanism. Blockchain has created a new trust cornerstone at low cost, which has reshaped the trust mechanism for the consumption process of various industries, especially in sharing. It’s just in time.

Among them, taking the combination of blockchain and time economy as an example, this model greatly reduces the operating cost in industry and scene relying on time value to realize commercialization. Moreover, it also greatly enhances the comprehensive value sharing and symbiosis of all kinds of industries and individuals in multi-fields and multi-formats, at the same time, effectively improves the insurmountable bottleneck in the traditional time-sharing economy model.

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TNB around the world, establish a strong trust relationship in the time economy.

TNB public chain is the first blockchain time engine in the world, which is developed independently and based on the time value. At present, TNB has been able to support multi goods, including business scene, personal, financial and other carriers, to be digitally linked. At the same time, it can support the integration and interworking of all digital values on the public chain, and realize the cross-chain cooperation between enterprise applications. With the help of personal time digital winding technology, TNB also has the data processing ability to promote the multi-development of global talents. From other side, it is predicted that in the process of realizing the gradual development formats, TNB will probably become a rigid demand ecology to boost the redevelopment and reuse market potential in the near future.

At present, the value of TNB public chain has been recognized by the blockchain industry. It is a digital, peer-to-peer operating system platform for ecological prosperity based on the concept of time, economy, sharing, co-construction and win-win.

It also connects the rigid demand consumption scene with the rising value channel, and provides a new digital time ecology with high value and revolution for the industry through the balance of supply and demand, digital commodity sales, multi-level release of value.

TNB never be satisfied with the currently achievements, and will maintain the original intention, seek new breakthroughs and innovation, build the cornerstone for the digital road!

TNB Team

Oct. 14

Written by

TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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