The First Trial Of Individual Customized Earnings Guarantee Scheme, A Senior PortfolioManager Official Landed On MiaoA Platform

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From a global perspective, it has been already achieved the blockchain landing application ecological system to gradually moving towards intensive breakthrough in promoting the industry application and unified standard. By means of their own technological superiority, it is continuously penetrated in increasingly key areas to enhance the value of traditional industrial chain.

Once mentioned the blockchain application landing, it is featured by subversive and innovative at the same time. Based on sharing time, MiaoA combined with blockchain technology of industrial application is worthy of reference and learning from. With its industrial upgrading as well as the innovation value in market, it is played a considerable traction role in the area of blockchain industry development. With respect to enterprise’s patent research and enclosed technology breakthrough, MiaoA has formed a stream of convergent force to embrace the “Share Time” of internet era in its iteration and value breakthrough.

Dong Peiliang, senior investor, officially landed on MiaoA platform. Personal digital time presale has finished, and transaction officially started.

On Jan. 18, according to MiaoA digital time trading official platform show, a senior investor has landed on MiaoA ATTS board. At present, its personal digital time transaction has officially opened. Dong Peiliang is the one who with a wealth of experience in investment capital operation. Served as the angle investor of UU Ke project, the investor of Farmfang project, the seed round investor of TNB project, and the senior investment manager of TFUND, Dong Peiliang, in the field of internet technology, consumer upgrading, finance, blockchain and other industries, harbors a deep understanding and keen judgment.

It’s worth mentioning that the cooperation is different from the previous on-line process mechanism, the issuer independently completed digital time pre-sale by means of personal influence in the process of online confirmation link, and he directly opened the transaction. This is the another platform confirmation to embrace issuers.

The firstly implementation of personal customization trading rules. Dong Peiliang’s Guarantee Scheme for digital time earnings.

More importantly, on the premise that it can effectively enhance the value of personal digital time, the platform gave issuer sufficient freedom to design their own space with regard to Dong Peiliang’s Guarantee Scheme. Namely, the issuer based on investment experience for many years, it can be built a more in line with its own business logic guarantee plan. The platform hopes to increase users earnings through a way of more secure trading products. This is not only MiaoA platform test innovation, but also the trend of multiform open platform, so to speak.

As the MiaoA has implemented personalized revenue guarantee scheme rule firstly, it will start trading at the price of 0.1 TNB per second, and the total amount of time on the first sale is only 559,000 seconds. Dong Peiliang possesses over 5 years investment experience in stock secondary market. In the initial public of personal digital time, the fund will be used by Dong Peiliang to invest in both Hong Kong stocks and US stocks in the secondary market in the hope of achieving higher returns. Meanwhile, to protect the rights and interests of MiaoA users, Dong Peiliang gives promise as follows:

(1) Stock trading accounts will be published every week.

(2) Nearly 80% of the stock account total profits will be used for the increment management to ensure that fund profit is equal to the Dong Peiliang’s personal digital time total market value as a way to increase the personal digital time value.

(3) Dong Peiliang will regularly buy back the non consumed personal digital time to ensure further promotion of circulation value.

The movement is of great significance as follows:

Firstly, it is to build an efficient personal value connector and effectively guard against risk awareness. The platform effectively improves social individuals participation rate through personalized independent online system. Meanwhile, as for an issuer who first implements personalized trading rules, the platform adopts a stable investment strategy to confirm the right to enter the market with a lower unit market capitalization and a minimum total circulation. This is to effectively ensure the safety of users’ investment.

Secondly, it is to strengthen the sustainable innovation of the ecological model. The trial of the new rules for issuers, there is no doubt that an interesting and effectively enhance their own value. And MiaoA is for all the valuable individuals in society to provide an independent personal time digital circulation realization and value-added ecology as long as you have the ideal or aspire. MiaoA can be customized through the exclusive commercial interests, revenue assurance scheme, exercise mode.

Thirdly, it is to speed up the construction of an open, diversity and personality digital time sharing platform. Through a highly open and inclusive ecological environment, MiaoA is leading the participants to upgrade, playing a pioneer role in the digital time industry, which not only enhances the ecological competitiveness, but also breed the whole industry. Besides, it will also attract more valuable individuals to participate actively in the development and construction of ecology, and jointly promote the circulation application and digital time value appreciation in the market.

Dong Peiliang Commercial Value

Dong Peiliang, is the first group of investors to set foot in blockchain industry with outstanding capital operation ability. Both brutal growth and evolution in blockchain capital markets, he has witnessed, and provided advice to many companies that own the underlying blockchain technology. Besides, he possesses over 5 years investment experience in stock secondary market, and helps users with the guidance of stock trading analysis and other sharing services. MiaoA, highly open model will attract more people to participate in the release of digital time.

As a highly open and participatory technology platform, MiaoA ultimately determines the size of its stage is often the participants, influence, as well as the platform recognition value. That is ecological open source leverage overall energy and the balance between supply and demand. The reason why MiaoA can be effective in the new field, which has a direct relationship with initially traffic representatives, and now great breakthroughs have been done in exploration and research.

Although the blockchain industry mired in cold winter period, MiaoA can still achieve a great leap forward with a rapid development pace though innovation value-added mechanism, and strive to make progress step by step in the blockchain ecology layout construction, and promote the standardization of blockchain industry.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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