The secret behind TNB Super Tribe, co-building, co-governance, sharing and win-win

As an enterprise-level public chain, TNB applies the underlying logic based on the “blockchain time” created by POW+POS hybrid consensus mechanism in a trusted environment. It makes possible to implement point-to-point value transmission through time units to create ecological applications, and to make large-scale collaboration in a predictable business practice. Therefore, under the strength advantage, TNB global super tribe also means that its original intention fulfillment and join hands with high-quality enterprises to explore the large-scale “time economy.”

It is to promote the participation of native communities and achieve super ecology construction and prosperity.

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TNB super tribe campaign lasting over one month, the tribe resources has paid off

Therefore, the development of TNB network in the global blockchain industry has innovative features, at the same time, the opening of TNB super tribe will also give birth to a distributed huge amount of time concept database. In this system, there is not only digital personal development experience, but also the architecture support of ecological partners, such as digital media, digital games, exchanges, investment institutions, wallets, mining pools, infrastructure suppliers and so on. As a result, the core resources of tribe, diversified scenarios, multi media, industry solutions and technological advantages will become an important engine to promote the large-scale development of TNB ecology.

In the TNB super tribe campaign, the great tribes power, the great responsibility. In the past month, in order to deepen cooperation and give full play to the strategic resource, DragonEx has launched a number of scenarios for TNB. At the same time, HashFin, as a mysterious tribe, with its professional Staking ecological service ability, will further deepen its strategic relationship with TNB. Thus it can be seen that the TNB super tribe will bring sustained growth momentum to the ecological diversity and blockchain time and globalization.

1. DragonEx, help TNB ecological scene more diverse

DragonEx has always maintained a good cooperative relationship in promoting the multi-field application and pushing consensus and practice to the road of in-depth development.

Both sides also continue to deepen the diversified application of TNB as a token in the DragonEx open platform. In the innovation and diversified trading scenario, the application models of different scenarios use customized channels as an support tool. It further brings a more secure and stable trading mode for holders, investors and professional traders. It is understood that this is the first strategic cooperation in March 2019, after opening the TNB/USDT 3x leverage, Trading Hub, and DragonEx running for the TNB super tribe. The two sides jointly promote scene construction, refine service, innovation and another successful attempt and breakthrough. In the future, the two parties will continue to be user-oriented, vigorously promote the high-quality scenes, and bring more robust trading models to the market.

2. HashFin bring efficiency breakthrough to the TNB via Staking ecological service

There is no doubt that Staking has become the hottest concept in the field of blockchain in the past half a year, and will also become an important driving force for the further development in the second half year. Therefore, as a member of the super tribe, HashFin, the mining pool division of Node Capital, focuses on providing professional Staking services for POS, DPOS and other consensus mechanisms, and in the development of integrating node capital resources as a driving force. The linkage large-scale community construction, transaction asset management, security science and technology operation and maintenance, media publicity, capital injection and other strong resource advantages will help the TNB time ecology to form a sustainable development trend.

Staking currently is still in its infancy, more pubic chain will be included, more POS pools will be created, and more energy will be released in the future. Therefore, under the strong combination of TNB super tribe and HashFin, the two sides will also jointly explore the strong application value behind Staking, and gradually promote its value release in the blockchain.

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TNB Super Tribe means that the community will achieve orderly co-governance under the mechanism of encrypted big data analysis, multi security and democratic participation. There is no doubt that the completely decentralized autonomous environment is bound to promote the evolution of ecological construction towards diversification, standardization and precision. At the same time, it will also bring large-scale expansion and systematic formation to the TNB ecology with multi-tribes influence.

TNB Team

Aug. 8

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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