The Time Ecology of TNB Has Taken Shape

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On October 24, 2018 (SGT), MiaoA, the world’s first time trading platform launched a new project, “individual digital time” of Bowen Pan (a well-known advisor and planner of the global blockchain training), which was officially launched and started trading. This is another strategic development of “NASDAQ for individual time” of the TNB application scenario after listing the individual time of Drogba.

On August 30, 2018, the individual time of the international star Didier Drogba was launched on MiaoA, marking the official launch of the TNB application of “NASDAQ for individual time”. Since then, the application of TNB business model has been gradually promoted, and continuing to explore and progress on the user experience.

The newly launched project fully combines the features of irreversibility and openness of the blockchain, and presents the advantage of decentralization in the application. First of all, the platform breaks through the restrictions of the previous signing model. The time seller can participate in the MiaoA digital time selling ecosystem through the platform entrance. After the platform extracting the value of auto-verify and identify, etc, the presale will be completed by the time seller and their digital time can be launched as long as the presale standards are being met. Therefore, they are able to trade freely on the platform to realize the sale, purchase, investment, and consumption of individual digital time, and finally achieve the maximum of individual time value. The time trading mode of decentralization is also known as ATTS (Autonomous Talents Time Sale).

Secondly, in the process of time selling, the platform has fully bound the core commercial interests of time sellers, and utilizes the converging interests of individual time sellers and users to form a long-term associated interest chain and achieve a stable release of the ultimate value. In the meantime, the system has also made major adjustments in terms of security. By locking the listed individual digital time, ensuring that the total amount of circulated digital time is constant. The frozen part of time can only be unlocked by the same amount after the circulated time being exercised or repurchased, so that the destruction of rules by human factors and hype can be avoided to the greatest extent, guarantee the fairness of the digital time trading.

The application of such decentralization in the actual scenario allows any valuable time sellers to complete the rights confirmation and open trading on the platform independently, making it possible for every individual to sell time. This is the decentralization feature of the blockchain that is being applied in the practical application, and it is a key step for TNB to utilize the blockchain technology to realize the business model of “NASDAQ for individual time”. The era of ATTS has arrived, and the time ecology of TNB has taken shape.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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