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One day after the opening of the TNB Super Tribes Global Campaign, community users were thrown in the hot vote, and the campaign was fierce. Among the tribes that have started the campaign, the Fire Coin, Dragon Net, Gravity Zone, MiaoA, and “mysterious tribe”, as five seed super tribes, have just started the campaign of decentralized autonomous management.

At the same time, since the TNB public chain already has mature and feasible underlying technology for the “blockchain time” application system, and the order and timeliness of TNB eco-community management, the super tribes global campaign had attracted further inquiries form top companies around the world within hours of its start. It is believed that with the continuous influx of more tribes combining technologies, scenarios and capital, TNB ecological construction will also be more brilliant.

Therefore, how to become a TNB super tribe, its responsibilities and obligations, as well as the advantages of participating in the super tribes election and how many rich rewards can be obtained have become the key aspects of TNB super tribes election. The following will specify these issues:

How to become a super tribe?

In order to ensure efficiently super tribe election, the M.I.T Foundation has developed a series of standards and rules for candidate tribes. The third-party TNB Ecological Construction Committee (TNB-ECO), supported by the M.I.T Foundation, reviews candidate tribes in accordance with standards and rules.

1. TNB minimum holding standard

Every TNB holder or organization can be a candidate for a super tribe. Candidates need pledge to 10,000,000.00 TNB to system , and recovered after 30 days when they withdraw from the race.

2. Official website and public we-media platform

Have their own Twitter, Weibo or other similar local app, with more than 1,000 followers;

Have their own Telegram group or other similar application group, with more than 10,000 members;

Have their own Reddit home page or other similar local forum, with subscribers more than 500 people;

Have other social media, with influence more than 500 people.

3. Super tribe server

Minimum configuration requirements: no less than AWS model c5.2xlarge (8-core, 16GB memory) server, and in the first year requires no less than 5 TB storage space, 100 Megabyte bandwidth, estimated cost of $10,000 per year.

4. Have nodes that can be tested by community members

5. Community vision and other matters

TNB ecological community Vision;

Feedback to community supporters;

Governance plans and possible proposals;

Long-term growth and marketing plans;

Super Tribe Declaration and other matters would like to explain to community.

6. Fill out the super tribe application form:

Anything does TNB super tribe need to do?

Rights and obligations of candidate tribes: contribute development and propaganda resources to the TNB network, and obtain votes from TNB ecological community.

Rights and obligations of super tribes: run tribe nodes, participate in information packaging, broadcasting and block production.

Super tribe awards include block production and user invitation, as detailed in the Super Tribe incentive mechanism.

Organize voting and community contributions

Through the TNB-ECO Foundation review and become a candidate tribe, you can develop their own propaganda plan and TNB network (TNB test main network was launched on XX), and by means of community contributions to set up their own community as a voting and propaganda position. In addition to the support of community users, the TNB-ECO Foundation will also support candidate tribes with active contributions to receive high awards.

After the TNB Super Tribes began (the tribe pioneer phase), the tribe organizations and supporters voted for themselves and the top five and stable votes to ensure as a Super Tribe and enjoy benefit handsomely.

After the TNB main net launched, through the ecological marketing, expansion and new user growth strategy, the TNB ecological community new users invitation and use all kinds of DApps, the super tribes will also receive considerable new user invitation awards.

What are the advantages of becoming a TNB super tribe?

Firstly, being a campaign tribe can be rewarded handsomely. The total amount of TNB Super Tribe Reward Pool is set at 500 million TNB. From the Super Tribe launched, 100,000,000 TNB will be released to the community in current year for ecological awards shared by all super tribes. Starting in the second year, 20 % of the annual unlock margin will be used as the annual award quota.

Secondly, TNB has great value-added potential. As the first blockchain time application system in the world, TNB public chain, with talents, potential talents and value-added attributes as the main line to promote growth, has formed a mature and feasible bottom technology for efficient cross-flow digital value through reasonable supply and demand. In addition, the strategy of accelerating and widening application scene has also effectively improved the TNB flow rate. To sum up, TNB award won by the super tribe will be of considerable value in the future.

Thirdly, super tribe resources can better interact and integrate with TNB project. TNB public chain has significant advantages in technology, scene, community, talent, user resources and so on. It can aggregate resources from all sides to promote ecological construction and innovative development of campaign tribes and come into being an effective closed-loop operation track, which will help super tribes to form a digital industry to develop in depth.

Fourth, have the right to vote and speak of TNB time ecology. In the growing and prosperous development of TNB super tribes, according to the number of the super tribe votes and its contribution, the tribe will have right to vote and govern TNB ecological community. Of course, the benefits and gains will be bigger.

Super Tribe project adopts POW+POS hybrid mechanism. TNB-ECO, a third-party ecological foundation appointed by the M.I.T Foundation, the total amount of TNB eco-super bloc reward funds is 500,000, 000 TNB, and 20% of the total amount of remaining funds is spent annually as an annual reward plan. The total amount of 1,000,000,000 TNB is in the first year.

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The reward mode is divided into three categories:

1) Tribes voting rankings, accounting for 70% of the total daily rewards; distributed according to the proportion of each bloc vote. Earnings time: T+1 (today you vote, you can reward get the next day).

2) The average incremental reward of tribe over past 7 days, accounting for 10% of the total daily reward; according to the average number of new votes on the 7 days of each tribe. Earnings time: T+0.

3) The average incremental reward of tribe over past 3 Months, accounting for 20% of the total daily reward; the first ranking one is 50%, the second one is 35%, the third one is 15%, and the rest are no reward.

Reward time: All three awards are issued at 20:00 daily Singapore time.

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Super Tribes Reward Rules Description:

Explanation of the amount of the award: Take the first year (2019–2020) as an example

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2、Average monthly increment calculation:

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Set example as A Tribe:

1. The average in the first month is the total number of votes; 1,000/1=1,000

2. Average in the second month. {1000+(6000–1000)}/2=3,000

3. Average in the third month. {1000+(6000–1000)+(3000–6000)}/3=1,000

Other months and so on.

Reward rule description:

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The calculation formula of super tribe reward mechanism

1. Daily reward rules

Super Tribe Voting Awards are distributed on a daily basis and prorated according to the total number of positions held at the end of the day.

the calculation formula is below:

Daily reward = total annual reward * 70% * (single tribe votes amount / all tribes total votes amount)

2. Weekly reward rules

Single tribe D1-D7 voting increment from day 1 to day 7: SD17.

Single tribe D2-D8 voting increment from the day 2 to the day 8: SD2–8.

Voting increment for all tribes D1-D7 from day 1 to day 7: D1 to 7.

Voting increment for all tribal D2-D8 from day 2 to day 8: D1 to 7

Weekly average reward = all tribes total daily reward * 10% * SD17/D17

//(Total tribes reward amount * 10% *(20% ^(year-1)) — (Total tribes reward amount×10%)*20% ^years)/365 × 7/(D28-D17) × (SD28-SD17)

3. Monthly reward rules

the calculation formula is below:

Monthly rewards = all tribes total daily votes amount * 20% * 30 * ranking place[n-1]

The start of TNB Super Tribes Global Campaign is a new milestone of TNB ecology to scale and standardization. In the future, with the perfect combination of high-quality forces from various parties, more potential and value will be released. At the same time, TNB Super Tribes also hopes to more powerful enterprises come to participate in the campaign, and make joint efforts to create more application directions for the development of blockchain technology.

TNB Team

June 20

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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