Time as a Commodity

5 min readApr 25, 2022


Among everything of value that life have offer to humanity, there is outstanding one among all.

One which we never get back once it has passed. This precious GEM is know as “ TIME “.

A French military and political leader “Napoleon Bonaparte” once said “the only thieves who are not punished in our society are the thieves of time”. With the same number of weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds, it is same for everyone irrespective of who you are.

Personally, It’s no secret that proper time management is a crucial element of success regardless of who you are or what you do. Nonetheless, far too few business professionals appreciate time as one of the most important resources around, and precious little is being done in the average workplace to make better use of everyone’s most limited asset.Despite the heavy focus on profitability or the strength of your human capital, managing your time properly is by far the most important element of success in today’s market.

The question that follows is “How can time be served /propagated/, convey among individuals for the sole aim to earn income?”

First and foremost, many businesses generate their primary source of income from the services they sell rather than from tangible goods or products. Selling services generates a type of income that’s referred to as service revenue.

This answers the above question. Service rendered is certainly a mean through which TIME can be exchanged between individuals. For example, a doctor can provide you a 4-hour check up every Wednesday. Right here we have a Rate and with the rate comes a Price. Now even as Time is not physical, we all can see how time has been sold for money through this example.

Statistically, Services and jobs in the service sectors are booming in the United States. According to United States Department of Labor statistics, the long-term shift from goods-producing to service-providing employment is expected to continue with projected growth in education, health, professional, and business services exceeding 30% annually through 2012.

However, does this mean selling service is easy?

An appropriate answer to that is No, as the challenges of getting prospects to see the value are what you offer. After all, it’s not always easy to explain the features and benefits of something that the prospect can’t see, right?

The reason selling intangible services can be tough is because you don’t have an actual product that the customer can see. You can’t really show them how it works. Its features and benefits aren’t as easy as we think. There are so many factors /features /layouts /schemes that an individual must abide, in order to be successful in selling out your services.

Imagine there is actually a body/ platform /an organization that has mapped out a network where service providers and customers coexist without the interference of a third party, just a peer to peer ecosystem.

Truth be told, there is a platform known as a M.I.T (MiaoA International Time chain).

M. I. T is a precision time-value transmission network which enables the valuation of the time assets belonging to individuals and/or corporations. With the power of blockchain technology, this network can achieve the automated management of digitized time assets through the use of smart contracts.

M.I.T vision is to establish a time-value transmission network which encompasses the key principles of

  • decentralization,
  • internationalization,
  • transaction flexibility,
  • pricing transparency, and
  • strong protection of rights.

In essence, M.I.T connects high-value time exporters, time asset operators and investors, as well as large volume of time demanders. All you need is to be a part of the network.

As a platform built on blockchain, M.I.T has introduced a cryptographic currency called TNB (a.k.a. Time New Bank) as the sole settlement token for transmitting the value of time commodity.

Below are some of the features of M. I. T that makes it the perfect area, to build your network.

  • First international personal IPO platform

Anyone who has services that are recognized and has a certain value can produce individual tokens within the constraints of the smart contract functionality afforded by the M.I.T platform and launch an individual IPO for the first time. A successful launch of an IPO will lay a solid foundation for enhancing individual capability and impact. Here the individual is set his/her terms and conditions on the smart contract, as they please.

  • Time and skills “tokenized”

The unique skills of every individual can be measured by time. Forming the time commodity and converting it into a token by scientific algorithm enables anyone to trade that time regardless of their nationality. As time goes on and the better individual skills develop, the more value will be attached to the relevant time commodity.

This is where quality and quality are rated in price

  • Display of decentralized time-value measurement

M.I.T will develop a time commodity trading platform (Secondary Market) which leads to a transparent market behaviour by adopting Blockchain technology, which makes it easier for both time demanders and investors to obtain commodity information and conduct transactions, therefore realizing the value of time commodity.

The trading platform, displays, information about and individual service in charts, therefore giving more details and audience about your service.

  • Smart contract and digital identity

Several smart contracts will exist on the Public Blockchain of M.I.T and to fulfil different contracts depending on various scenarios. Smart contracts allow trusted transaction to process without a third-party and those transactions are traceable, but irreversible. Furthermore, we will establish a set of X.509 standard digital identity system based on PKI (Public Key Infrastructure), which can securely reserve the identity information of individuals, organizations and objects in the form of electronic data and build digital credit accordingly. This serves as the individual identity on the blockchain, in respect of the service you rendering.

  • Multiple application scenarios

M.I.T platform is applying Blockchain 3.0 standard in order to provide API(application programming interface) interface functionality. This will enable unlimited applications to launch using M.I.T Blockchain technology. In addition, the M.I.T platform will integrate more mature application scenarios to expediting the development of the platform and promote the sustainable development of it. With web 3, all other alike decentralized platforms will integrate with M. I. T, so that they will bring in more audience in the ecosystem.

  • Transparency in transactions

M.I.T is based on the latest Blockchain underlying technology, aiming to establish a decentralized time-value transmission network. Each transaction can be searched with the Block Explorer provided, thus users can manage their individual time assets quickly, efficiently, safely and legally.

This is transparency at the very best.

In essence, M.I.T is a platform that has provided all the necessary features, connections, & network between all service providers (time exporters) and clients (time demanders) all in one system.

Visit our website https://tnb.fund/ to learn more.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T) for building a precision time-value based transmission network.