TNB Ambassador Program

The TNB ambassadors Program is carried out by TNB team for better community-building and development in various parts of the world.

1. As an Ambassador of TNB, Your Mission Is

1) Let others know about TNB via Internet or offline communications.

2) Invite people to join different kinds of events, activities, campaigns of TNB project.

3) Invite people to engage in the TNB community.

4) Continuously share the story, progress, planning, news, etc. of the TNB project to the world.

5) Organize some TNB fans or volunteers to promote the project and concepts of TNB.

6) Share videos or other content produced by the team in the local language of the people in your country/region.

7) If possible, coordinate with exchange teams for local exchanges to add TNB trading pairs.

8) If possible, help to contact for reaching more cooperation with TNB project, such as free community cooperation, business cooperation and investment opportunities, etc.

2. Duties and Compensation for TNB Ambassadors

1) Identify with the TNB concepts of values, understand the core knowledge of TNB and respect the members of the TNB community. The appointment of TNB ambassadors is implemented through TNB team appointment. Candidates are able to apply for the position of TNB Ambassador during the campaign.

2) The incumbent ambassadors are required to provide a work report of last week as well as a plan for the next week.

3) The dismissal of an ambassador: Any team members can initiate a vote to dismiss an ambassador. If the votes in support the dismissal exceeds 50%, then the ambassador will be dismissed. The ambassador who is dismissed cannot participate in the ambassadors election again for 3 months.

4) About the resignation of ambassador: If the ambassador is voluntarily resigned or subject to recall by the community or TNB team, subsequent rewards will not be issued from the date of resignation.

5) If the ambassador is a new candidate for the position, he will be required to first carry out some groundwork building their community for 2 weeks prior to the election.

3. How to Apply to Become TNB Ambassadors

1) Prepare a work performance summary when you worked for other projects as a crypto project Ambassador.

2) Fill in the form and submit:

3) TNB team will inform you by Email or Telegram if you’re potential to be hired within 3 working days after submission.

4. If you can deliver more, we have these expectations of you:

1) Build a local community for TNB in your country or region after getting the TNB team permission.

2) Host a local meet-up in your city/country, to meet with members of the TNB community and guide new members;

3) Provide us with any materials we can use to assist in our marketing, such as photos, videos, meet-ups and articles on business cooperation;

4) If possible, coordinate and communicate with the team and local exchanges to add TNB trading pairs;

5) Try to get to any possible cryptocurrency conferences in your area, and attend on behalf of TNB;

6) Help TNB with publicity and be committed to TNB press releases through your local media.

5. To Get More Info of TNB, Please Follow:


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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.