TNB and BOB reached strategic cooperation, into “game scene” again

On July 3, 2019 of Singapore time, TNB Time Value Transmission Network officially announced that it had reached a deep strategic partnership with the BOB game platform to use TNB as a digital circulation carrier to access the game application, and the game has been officially launched and attracted tremendous users. To provide players with more convenient and secure means of payment and settlement, the game has been online Red Envelope War, Hash Single-Double games. Moreover, the game also accesses to club function, allowing players to form their own club groups, pull their own friends and members to open their private groups to play games. In addition, in order to enhance the player’s first game experience, only you complete the game registration to send 200 TNB, and two winners of the first prize pool award in the TNB hall will each reward Huawei P30 pro mobile phone.

Obviously, the pace of TNB rapid landing scene can not do without its own power and connect with game industry. At the same time, the industry support of multi-ecology and multi-scene will also enable the “open source” ability to rise in a straight line. On the one hand, through win-win cooperation and resource sharing, we can promote the application ability of TNB in many fields; on the other hand, it can also boost the liquidity of TNB in the actual commercial market.

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TNB is available in BOB, the big benefits to his us

BOB game platform.

BOB is a game platform based on blockchain technology. All games on the platform are logically fair, transparent and verifiable. At present, the BOB game platform type includes red envelope war, hash single and double and club. In this cooperation, TNB will be used as a digital circulation token in the game on the BOB platform, providing players with a more convenient way to pay and settle, but effectively put an end to the devaluation of virtual assets in the game.

TNB opens ecological construction to create wealth through linkage

As a evangelist of “blockchain time” development and application, TNB has a certain influence in the industry. The development of ecological architecture has always been guided by “continuous creation and exploration of time value”. Meanwhile, in the extension and expansion of the scene, TNB has always maintained an open attitude and carried out strategic cooperation to the end. The re-development of this game scene also means TNB’s recognition and confidence in the high-frequency consumer market of the game industry. More importantly, TNB has been calling on high-quality partners such as supply chain systems, media and financial providers in the service industries to join the development and construction of “Digital Time”, so as to form a community of interests and achieve a win-win situation. At the same time, the TNB Super Tribes Global Campaign has been started simultaneously. Therefore, after gradually attracting the participation of high-quality tribes, TNB will also promote the application and innovation of digital time value to accelerate the development of diversified scenes. Finally, it can meet the personalized and accurate demand of “Thousands People, Thousands Faces” and realize the efficient circulation of digital time.

It can be seen that TNB has been deeply practicing the precise application and potential refinement of “Digital Time” in the field of diversified commercialization in the strategic development of the scene-wide expansion. Meanwhile, in the face of the new consumption trend of personalized and precision, strengthening the resource sharing and integration of the time economic industrial chain has also become an effective guarantee for TNB to break through the scale application.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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