TNB and DragonEX deepen strategic cooperation, integrated blockchain with four game scenarios one by one

Recently, in order to deepen cooperation and give full play to the strategic resource value of DragonEx running for the TNB super tribe, the TNB Time Value Transmission Network and DragonEx once again pushed consensus and practice to depth development, and the two sides through cooperation to enrich the existing application scenarios, deepen the layout blockchain industry, in the latest two application scenarios launched by DragonEx platform (Grid Trading and Crazy Zoo), access to TNB as a circulation value carrier.

In the innovation and diversified trading scenario, on the basis of diversified applications, the application models of different scenarios use the function of customized channels as a support tool. It further brings a more secure and stable trading mode for holders, investors and professional traders. It is understood that this is the first strategic cooperation in March 2019, after opening the TNB/USDT triple leverage, Trading Hub, and DragonEx running for the TNB super tribe. The two sides jointly promote scene construction, refine service, innovation and another successful attempt and breakthrough. In the future, the two parties will continue to be user-oriented, vigorously promote the high-quality scenes, and bring a more robust trading model to the market.

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TNB and DragonEx strengthen cooperation to launch application scenarios

Scene 1: Grid Trading. The advantage of the Grid Trading is that can be used as a trading tool to set up a network on TNB/USDT trading pairs, buying low and selling higher when market prices fluctuate. In other words, investors will be able to use a more secure way of Grid Trading tool to reduce investment risk.

Scene 2: Crazy Zoo. Crazy Zoo, as the second fair game developed through blockchain technology on the DragonEx platform, because of the platform attaches to the game itself, therefore, according to the token ranking held by holders and the development status as well as influence of the project, DragonEx has only opened up the tokens with high-quality project parties as the digital circulation carrier, including TNB.

TNB open up more application scenarios in the DragonEx platform

It should be noted that in addition to the two application scenarios of Grid Trading and Crazy Zoo, which were launched, as early as after the initial strategic cooperation between TNB and DragonEx has launched the TNB/USDT triple leverage and the Trading Hub applications one after another. It can be seen that the two sides cooperation have been in their respective areas of advantage, deepen blockchain technological innovation and development at the same time. With new mechanisms and new means, we strive to establish a new order to improve the efficiency of services in the digital field.

Scenario 3: triple leverage of TNB/USDT. The triple leverage of TNB/USDT was launched in April 2019 Singapore time. Investors can adjust and set the leverage multiple flexibly according to their own needs and realize the short-term arbitrage increase according to the prediction of the market trend.

Scene 4: Trading Hub. It has been launched in May 2019 Singapore time. As well as Grid Treading, they all have potential advantages. Therefore, according to the comprehensive factors such as the ranking of users of the DragonEx platform, as a high-quality digital circulation medium, TNB has become the token of the few projects that Trading Hub participate in. Trading Hub uses a custom method of regular quota to provide users with a more convenient and worry-free trading scene. That is to say, when the price of TNB falls, the share of the same amount of purchasing will increase every time. Then, when TNB enters the rising channel, it does not need to rise to the previous high point to guarantee the return, and it will definitely make profits if it goes up to the previous high point. Therefore, Trading Hub will be more useful to TNB’s loyal holders. Under the premise of not having to watch the dish, investors can automatically and customize set the data for their respective excellent projects to achieve long-term immovable hold and investment.

With the strengthening of this strategic cooperation, TNB is still stepping into the innovation and development of DragonEx open platform with important digital circulation tokens. This is another deep integration of the two sides based on the common concept and common development strategic goals. It is also the first time that DragonEx, as a member of TNB super tribes, carries the obligation of TNB ecological co-construction and win-win situation.

TNB Team

July 11

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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