TNB Attended the BIMG Vietnam Summit with the Global First Model of Time Token

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Columnist: Xiaoxia Feng

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Lead: It is the goal for the TNB team to make the business model of “nasdaq for individual time” truly integrate into users’ lives and make everyone’s time more valuable.

On September 12th, the third session of the Global Media Blockchain Summit was held in Nha Trang, Vietnam. This conference brought together more than 900 investors from around the world with a large sum of managed funds, including Hong Kong Benhui, Hui Jing, Infiniti, GFX, and Node Capital, Dfund, linkvc, etc. BIMG as an organizer aims to achieve a seamless connection between investors and high-quality project resources through the free and efficient communication platform, and promote the integration of capital and technology.

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At the summit, TNB senior advisor Xiaowu Ji as one of the invited guests delivered a speech on the business model of “nasdaq for individual time”. TNB was one of the most distinctive projects of the day.

Xiaowu Ji believes that the blockchain naturally conforms to the definition of time in the universe. The value of everything is in time and space and the value of each life is based on time. The most advanced way to manage your life is realize the use value of time in the present. In the future, everyone can free trade time in the ecological chain to sell, buy, invest and consume time. The business model of “nasdaq for individual time” is the pioneer in the world and its concept of time commercialization is also a new revolution along with the blockchain technology, which will definitely change human life and even change the world.

The TNB project and the measure of time value and its concrete definition have a forward-looking significance for the development of the times and irreplaceable value for all activities in the whole society. Particularly for the quantification of time commodity, combined with the blockchain technology, generates the time ecology concept that is in line with the trend of the times.

Speaking of the progress of the project, Xiaowu Ji said that TNB has already realized the business model of “nasdaq for individual time” and the personal time of international star Didier Drogba is listing on MiaoA platform, which fully played in the positive and forward direction of personal growth and added value on his time value, marks the successful completion of this strategic plan. It has achieved the value transmission and appreciation of “blockchain+ individual time”, and the TNB ecosystem is gradually taking shape.

The TNB project started in 2017 and has been favored by many renowned investors in the industry. Since its launch, it has received funding injections from Aplus Capital, Inke, Dfund, Shunya International, etc. Currently TNB is still working hard on development, making “nasdaq for individual time” integrates into users’ lives and makes everyone’s time more valuable. This is also the goal for the TNB Team.

In addition to the appearance of TNB, the summit also has other projects with potential investment value. The realization of more quality projects will further promote the healthy and efficient development of the blockchain industry.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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