TNB awards for the most blockchain industry-focused project of EBTC 2019

On September 17, the 2019 EBTC China Blockchain Technology Application and Ecology Conference and Blockchain Industry Award ceremony were successfully held at the Sheraton Hotel in Shenzhen. The summit focused on the underlying protocol iteration, infrastructure construction, public chain operating system research and development to DApp applications, digital content distribution and other areas from a global perspective. More than a thousand people, such as investment institutions, project parties, exchanges and media, discussed the development trends and opportunities of the blockchain industry. Among them, TNB, as a leader in the public chain of blockchain industry, in the process of deep exploring “blockchain time” DApp development and digital economy model building, with its innovative spirit, and comprehensive landing digital time multiple application ability of the word of mouth, won the most blockchain industry-focused projects award at the event.

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TNB attends 2019 EBTC China Block chain Technology Application and Ecology Conference.

Won the “the most blockchain industry-focused project award” by innovating and empowering the multiple values of time.

The summit, jointly hosted by IT Erduo and Engine Capital, is a dialogue and exchange for in-depth discussion of the development and trend of the blockchain technology application, and to pay attention to the improvement, innovation and layout of industrial energy efficiency.

Among them, TNB, as the first star project to realize the double landing of public chain and ecological application in the world, has won the “the most blockchain industry-focused project award” for its innovative spirit and the ability of multi-application of digital time to land in an all-round way.

This is another important signal that TNB after winning the “Block chain Innovation value Award” in this month. In addition, the award repeatedly reflects its comprehensive strength.

At the same time, TNB, with the “time” unique features and single flow as the core development energy to seek reform, innovation and efficient construction to create a new time digital circulation system. It is not only the key to win the favor of the market, but also the way for TNB to create a differentiated competitive advantage.

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TNB core competitiveness with blockchain technology innovation time and enabling ecology.

From the point of view of the development in recent years, the progress of blockchain technology is accelerating, and TNB has always adhered to the time digital application to the ground, and the original intention of serving the aspiring person has not changed all the time. After following the pace of the times and going through the stage of growth of the early blockchain and the tendency of the public chain, TNB also witnessed the important moment of the blockchain involvement. We can see that in the development of the whole blockchain, TNB has won industry recognition for its R & D and operation of the public chain and main network, such as the grand opening of super tribes, the landing of DApp and the construction of multiple rigid demand scenarios, all those movements won recognition in the industry with a clear, flexible, efficient, accurate and profitable financial model. Therefore, TNB has always maintained a steady growth momentum.

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Sep. 18

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