TNB Bi-weekly Report(From August 31th to September 13th)

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To help understand M.I.T & TNB conveniently and comprehensively, we will release The M.I.T & TNB Bi-Weekly on Friday, with the M.I.T &TNB development progress, actions, etc. Please stay tuned.

The following is The TNB Bi-Weekly from August 31th to September 13th:

I. M.I.T & TNB Development Progress

1. Red packet sharing features added in MiaoA App, which can share the issuer’s digital time to friends, and it has now in the testing phase.

2. TNB main network starts to modify the account address format and combs out address set.

II. Actions

1. On Sep. 6, Xiaowu Ji of TNB senior adviser and MiaoA CEO, ran for the second session of “DOGE China Community Decision-making Committee Election”. Xiaowu Ji will further promote his first cooperation with DOGE to focus on community autonomy and build consensus on both sides.

2. On Sep 8, 2019, TNB was invited to attend the “Fintech blockchain Summit” hosted by News Finance, BLOCK GLOBAL and Engine Capital, and won the “Blockchain Innovation Value Award”. The award marks the further recognition of the technological innovation level and ecological application capability of TNB time value transmission network in the field of blockchain, but also indicates that the process of “blockchain + time” in digitally enabling multiple scenes has become mature.

3. As of Sep. 13, the number of TNB super tribe vote reaches 388,098,163TNB, accounting for 13.5% of the total circulation. At present, the super tribe ranks as MiaoA, HashFin, DragonEx, Gravity and Huobi Pool.


1. On Sep 2, according to the explanation of the issuer’s white paper, 5% of Yuchuan Shi’s self-holding earnings will be used for proportional airdrop dividends to users with positions of more than 10,000.0 seconds, Yuchuan shi of MiaoA issuer third time dividend has been to the account.

2. On Sep. 4, MiaoA launched the “Prime Issuer” program to carry out customized back-feeding planning for issuers with good progress in the offline business.

3. On Sep. 5, Bjorn Guo, the issuer of MiaoA and founder of the Dream Scuba diving brand, started subscription, and the total amount of the first batch of digital time was completed within 3 minutes.

4. On Sep. 9, the founder of the professional diving club “Dream Scuba diving Club” -Bjorn Guo’s personal digital time went online MiaoA ATTS section and opened trading.

5. On Sep. 13, by now MiaoA has received 181,517,889 votes in the TNB Super Tribe official voting website. The total cumulative revenue is as high as 9,124,138 TNB, and the total amount of users’ rewards is 5,484,413 TNB, ranking the first place.

More details:

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TNB Team

Sep. 13

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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