TNB Bi-weekly Report(From October 24th to November 6th)

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To help understand M.I.T & TNB conveniently and comprehensively, we will release The M.I.T & TNB Bi-Weekly on Friday, with the M.I.T &TNB actions, etc. Please stay tuned.

The following is The TNB Bi-Weekly from October 24th to November 6th.

I. Actions

As of Nov. 6, the number of TNB super tribe vote reaches 471,050,262 TNB, accounting for12.9% of the total circulation. At present, the super tribe ranks as MiaoA, TREK, Huobi Pool, DragonEx, Gravity and HashFin .

II. ECO of M.I.T

On Nov. 6, by now MiaoA has received 182,984,110 votes in the TNB Super Tribe official voting website. The total cumulative revenue is as high as 47,629,760 TNB, and the total amount of users’ rewards are 35,652,772 TNB, ranking the first place.

More details:

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