TNB: Blockchain Promotes Personal Time Diversified Development In Commercial Field

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With the rapid development of blockchain technology landing in the real economy, its technology R & D has also made great progress in China. Although standardization system of industrial integration is still in the process of improvement, market application landing value has played a key role in different industries.

Analysis From The Application: TNB promotes the time economy interconnection under complex business logic environment

The public chain, represented by TNB, is an important node in the 3. 0 era of blockchain. Under the background of highly decentralization, the TNB public chain takes time-value transmission as its own duty, it makes further improvements and breakthroughs on the basis of the sharing time commercial operation in a way of distributed data storage, consensus mechanism, point-to-point transmission, thereby personal time can be achieved in its business circulation and value realization under a more complex business logic environment.

In general, blockchain is applied in time economy through operating digitalization, where its value lies in the maximum elimination of information asymmetry. All those movements not only increase individual time application in multiple market scenarios, at the same time, but also improve the quick response ecology ability in the whole time value chain as a way to realize the whole time industry value-added.

TNB Ecological Application: Allow Issuers Back Value Itself, MiaoA Maximizes Personal Effectiveness

Recently, MiaoA digital time-sharing platform, as one of TNB Ecological member, achieves another innovative initiative on the ground. It is reported that innovation borrowing strength of MiaoA ATTS board through senior investor Dong Peiliang online to implementation individual customized online independent operations, including pre-sale links, exercise rights design, guarantee plan development, etc.. Then, through the platform to authentic the rights, intelligent contracts and other technologies, it is to complete the process of online. At present, Dong Peiliang as an issuer has completed the initial sale of his personal digital time. It can be said that the personalized independent online rules implementation, as platform acceleration way to open up, to promote diversity of another in-depth embodiment. At the same time, as globalization personal time-value connector, MiaoA will continuously attract more valuable subjects to participate in the development ecology with a faster and more efficient operation system. As a result, personal digital time in the market will be realized.

In the digital circulation based on personal time value, the most essential purpose of MiaoA is to build an open, sharing platform which everyone can access to. After putting forward the Nasdaq Strategy of Personal Time in the early stage, it has always been rooted in the improvement and optimization of issuer’s multi-field expansion, digital time value-added and personalized on-chain rules. We hoped that the information sharing and personal time value circulation through everyone’s interconnection closely.

Blockchain technology, for the MiaoA platform digital time chain with an efficient guarantee operation, to ensure the integrity and fluency of data sharing between issuer and user. Meanwhile, as the integrator of information resources among individuals in blockchain, MiaoA not only optimizes sharing mode in the internet era, but also pursues the win-win situation between issuers and users in blockchain. It is hoped that through a complete technical system, the value of personal time in the market will be further enhanced.

In the context of the ever-changing in blockchain, in combination of TNB public chain technology, its core value has been landed through the digital interconnection of human time ecological. It is truly achieved the trustworthy between individuals, the business operation sharing data and value-added.

TNB Team

Jan, 24, 2019

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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