TNB blockchain time: the traditional time digital application has come into reality

With the rapid development of society, the social labor division is now in a refined development trend, which has reached an unprecedented new height for the professional accomplishment of each social individual. At the same time, with the deeply penetration of shared time in multiple fields, human cognition of time in the traditional definition is gradually sublimating with the change of the Internet era and the blockchain technology.

As an important force to promote the new stage of capitalization and digitization, TNB time value transmission network plays an important role in it-its unique and innovative genes. With the help of the blockchain tide, it is possible to bring a brand-new economic connotation to the everlasting and new concept of time.

From application part, the capitalization process of time actually existed long after the emergence of relations such as employment and labor. The truth that “time is money” formally sold labor for the first time. That is, it has been confirmed since the beginning of the salary calculation of working hours. The digital time is a new application mode of “personal time wisdom governance”, which is based on the concept of time sharing and co-creation, combined with the advanced blockchain technology. It is realized the commercial landing in which personal time can be shared and accelerated the time value, satisfied the accurate connection between supply and demand, and promoted the effective use of individuals. Moreover, it is possible for free markets to bid for hidden individual values. The deep meaning behind is to promote the people and things, and further form a closed-loop track in which the individual value transmission system can be developed.

The original idea of TNB was to create a capitalized operating framework for the time behind everything through the power of blockchain technology, and to carry time through digital technology that can be shared, co-created, co-built and marketed for the common benefit. This is not only the origin of TNB public chain building, but also an important layout for TNB super tribes to open global time commercial sharing and the whole scene infrastructure to infiltrate into multiple fields. At present, with the development and application of multi-scene, and the joining of high-quality super tribes from all over the world, there is no doubt about the feasibility of the commercial bottom technology of TNB blockchain time. And the maturity of its architecture operation and the high circulation rate of digital value given by ecological DApp have been further confirmed by its application in digital game, digital finance, health, high-end knowledge services.

MiaoA takes the lead in landing and becomes the most powerful application

As the first public chain to promote the commercial application in the world, TNB has been dominated by the DApp development, and continuously promoted the transformation from traditional time to digitization. And it has formed a complete decentralized system of blockchain time governance system. Among them, MiaoA takes the lead in landing with strong strength, becomes the most representative ecological application in TNB public chain, and plays an absolutely dominant role in the consumption scene of blockchain time.

In the process of promoting the circulation of digital time, the value activation and the accurate bridge between market supply and demand are important and sustainable pillars for MiaoA application. It gives individual time as a rare possibility of redistribution, and forms a diverse development combination in a scattered sales forms, mobilizing both supply and demand, and ultimately promoting the circulation and digital value-added. At the same time, the online and feedback activities of digital time issuers in MiaoA platform are held frequently, and users offer suggestions on the governance rules of the platform, which is consistent with the concept of TNB time ecological autonomy. In addition, the new version upgrading also reflects the real demands of to a great extent. After taking into account the interaction between issuers and users, the connecting people oriented sustained and steady development may give the platform a “Cambrian” prosperity in the future.

To sum up, under the background of the dual combination of industry and digital time transmission, TNB not only promotes the time to digitization, but also presents the time value commercialization. Finally, it will also bring a more convenient and logical investment and consumption environment for users.

TNB Team

Aug. 21



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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.