TNB Boosts Ecological Application Into Practice, Extends To Mainstream Consumption Scene

The commercial application of blockchain and digital time both are an ecological model based on real social demands. Taking the network celebrity economy as an example, the formation of its industrial form is mainly due to non-professional services after the individual skills more specialized. Therefore, new value growth demand have become new demands for potential groups. How to create a fair, transparent and diversified business growth in line with the global talent scene is the top priority problem that TNB, as the first generation of landing public chain, need to solve.

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TNB Public Chain Value

As the world’s first personal time value transmission platform, TNB has potential value for any ecology, individual and organization in the world, and can realize the digital management value in given time by TNB public chain. Through this method, the cooperation of TNB public chain and its ecological application, the interconnection and exchange of information between various fields can be improved. And its ultimate goal is to provide more landing scenes and income rules for participants in the ecology to realize the business growth.

From the technical part, TNB public chain with blockchain technology, as the newest operational system, promotes time assets chain, and the shared information and data featured, such as decentralization, non-tampering, openness and transparency, consensus and trust. In terms of value growth, TNB has always relied on huge and rigorous data algorithms, mining awards, and supernode campaign rankings to continuously and exploration in mainstream consumption scenarios. As a result, TNB establishment not only gave birth to information and value interconnection among people, but also further promoted the new value growth point of individual time.

What more important is that TNB public chain has always been in a leading role in the industry and continues to explore business scene in the course of the whole system operation.

TNB Promotes MiaoA Token Fluidity

Through years of exploration in the industry, DApp MiaoA has become the platform for the first generation of applications in the blockchain field. Recently, MiaoA has been promoted by the TNB team to expand target scenario to other areas, namely the “TFUND Phase III Recruitment”. This is not only an innovative practice of MiaoA in combination with financial scenarios, but also a positive move of MiaoA to strengthen ecological application and liquidity and strive to accelerate layout in the cold winter of blockchain.

Although finance is the mainstream business in the market, it has been seeking trend changes. The TFUND professional investment fund management agency as the rule target launches MiaoA shows the company’s further emphasis on strengthening risk prevention and control. In other words, MiaoA will give TFUND more data support in real-time communication, identity management, data flow, right confirmation and other links in the trust link of transactions.

Therefore, along with the gradual maturity of the industry, the consumption promoting scene will lead to a normal development trend. As a “veteran” who continues to work in the field of blockchain, TNB will continue to focus on the expansion of commercialization scenarios and become more professional in the future with the progress of ecological standardization and standardization.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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