TNB connects multiple main bodies, empowering new value for timing blockchain

Recently, at the concluded “Global Summit of China’s Financial Science and Technology,” Di Gang, director of the Institute of Digital money of the people’s Bank of China, stressed at the conference that the development of the blockchain should talk less about subversion and more about practice, carry out inherited development on the basis of improvement.

It is undeniable that blockchain technology has indeed brought a lot of convenience to the interconnection among different subjects. TNB public chain, represented by digital identity construction, has the ability to encrypt and upload real data such as personal information and physical assets via hash index, block height, digital identity, digital chain management, cooperation and interconnection in the practice of exploring the application and development of blockchain for many years. In addition, as an operating system in serving the great ecology of time, TNB public chain presents the technical logic in the trusted execution environment, which also makes the point-to-point application value transmission and ecological creation become a sustainable and standardized demonstration project, and even effectively completes public understanding layer and the incentive layer. The promotion of large-scale collaboration between industries and individuals has become a predictable business practice. Therefore, TNB joins the high-quality public chain in such an environment, and interacts with the DApp, of the world’s best “time economy” model and the behavior of talents, scenes, products, services and users in ecological applications, and to finally realizes a giant ecological network.

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TNB public chain: accelerating the digital time economy reform

The brand concept of TNB public chain can be said to be extremely novel. In the process of devoting itself to applying digital technology to more physical industries and individuals, TNB has been reshaping relations and consumption patterns in some commercial fields with a low-key style, and continues to make up for the deficiency of “time economy” in the post-networking era. At the same time, TNB public chain already has the mature technical means, the efficient bridge model, the stable ecological structure, and totally have formed the positive cycle consumption system forward circulation and efficient application by putting it into practice.

Ecological Application of TNB Benchmarking

MiaoA has realized the efficient time value transmission on the chain

TNB public chain establishes a trust region among various industries, and realizes the security, trust and interconnection between people and people and between people and things. It is worth mentioning that in the TNB public chain, ecological applications can break through the previous information barriers with help of cooperation in the blockchain. At the same time, after various scenes, talents, and complicated data in the ecology are digitally linked, the digital targets they represent have real value only after digital circulation and application are realized. The trusted environment, multi-concurrency and high-throughput processing capacity provided by the blockchain will further bring more rapid mass transactions to the ecological development of its public chain collection.

MiaoA digital time trading platform is the most representative ecological application in TNB public chain. MiaoA mass innovation further achieve the issuer’s exclusive “personal digital identity” on the chain, that is, the digital rights and interests that can be traced back to the source. In other words, the issuer’s personal information, behavior data and unit time value can all be linked and interacted with more consumers, ecology, physical industries and scenes through the technical functions of the TNB main chain. Under the background of a large number of ecological applications connected to the main chain, it is to promote the personal time value and business value-added, finally obtain more considerable earnings. At present, digital time consumption system represented by MiaoA has entered a mature stage with the interconnection and intercommunication of personal digital time, data sharing, exercise consumption, transaction.

TNB public chain provides a key for innovative thinking and eliminating development bottlenecks for many applications in the post-internet era. And with a brand-new way of thinking, it is a good way to lead the ecology that can open up and expand the territory for the “time economy”, and establish a new way of digital circulation application with the time behind all things and potential people.

TNB Team

Dec. 13

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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