TNB Empowers Time Digitization, Focus On Ecosystem Sound Development

The blockchain rapid process penetration into various industries, even far more than we can imagination. Under blockchain technology innovative continuously going forward, the digital circulation of time and the realization of interconnection and realization in complex business environment are all realized.

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TNB Public Chain in 2019

TNB With Its Blockchain, Time Economic Ecology Running On Public Chain

Blockchain is a part of value interconnection, and its mission is virtually to enable value interlinks. However, TNB, at the early stage of encountering the bottleneck of internet technology, and its business model was inadequate. It was not until the blockchain technology was added that application of time economy in complex business logic was realized.

In market perception, blockchain is the underlying technology of Bitcoin, but more accurately, blockchain is a ledger for storing data. For the personal application and development, it provides an ecological framework in which huge data can be collected and recorded. At the same time, as a result, digital time can be commercialized featured by non-tampered with.

The TNB public chain landing virtually is a technological innovation of the traditional concept. Namely, time application has transcended space and fully realized the diversified development in the commercial market.

TNB Public chain: Innovation and Ecological Application to be landed in 2019

In the overall layout planning of TNB public chain in next year, the strategic development will focus on underlying public chain technology, ecology multi-resource investment construction. Ecological construction, landing, development are the most important construction process. In addition, through three core support, including technology, applications, services, the ability of ecological layout, scene development and multi-service are fully enabled by the most innovative and creative DAPP as a way of promoting high-value ecological applications.

The TNB public chain technology in its R & D and innovation is another key point to promote development. TNB has now served as a member of the M.I.T Ecological Alliance. Its public chain will enter more consumption scenarios through deep integration in the future, with the aim of taking the TNB public chain as the core infrastructure to build a complete time circulation supply chain system for global talents.

TNB, as the first ecology to build time value transmission system in the world, has become a potential innovative high-quality public chain in the era of blockchain 3.0 through the integration of the most innovative DAPP.

In strategic planning for the coming year, TNB, through dual ecological empowerment, will consolidate the foundation of underlying public chain, improve the performance of main network, and enrich the services and community resources. In addition, TNB continue to open its original ecology as an ecological circulation area anchored by time value, promote the ecology overall development, attract more global talents in scene development. Finally but the most important, let the investment participants endow them with real market value, and finally fulfill the ecology development in a sound way.

TNB Team

Jan. 30, 2019

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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