TNB initiates Super Tribe Global Campaign, redefines the new value of time blockchain

The birth of TNB time value transmission network came into being in 2017 to solve the efficiency problems urgently in the sharing industry. The concept of “blockchain time” was not formed in one day. It was iterated by the team of TNB through pioneering development thinking many years on the basis of “shared time”, which was famous for the global time economic industry. In the follow-up, in order to improve the efficient operation and drive the sharing time model to survive, it is evolved into today’s “blockchain time” economy. Hence, the market competitiveness of TNB itself has great advantages and potential to pump abruptly, and the comprehensive strength should not be underestimated. At present, TNB, as the mainstream digital currency, has already landed on the major exchanges. The smooth operation of ecology has been fulfilled through the TNB main network launched, the steady progress of token swapping, the TNB Super Tribe Campaign and the DApp landed. The order and demonstration in TNB ecological process is also famous in the industry.

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TNB Time Value Transmission Network

As the first time value transmission network, TNB is one of the earliest public chain in blockchain industry. Its main network is based on the “PoW+PoS hybrid consensus mechanism” as the consensus logic to ensure the security and prosperity of the community ecology, and combined with the “X. 509 standard” core technology to further meet the TNB ecology development.

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Firstly, being a campaign tribe can be rewarded handsomely: the total amount of TNB Super Tribe Reward Pool is set at 500 million TNB, to release 100 million TNB into community from the Super Tribe Plan in the current year, with 20% of the annual unlock remainings as the annual award. Secondly, TNB has great potential to increase in value. As the first blockchain time application system in the world, TNB public chain, with talents, potential talents and value-added attributes as the main line to promote growth has formed a mature and feasible bottom technology for efficient cross-flow digital value through reasonable supply and demand. In addition, the strategy of accelerating and widening application scene has also effectively improved the flow rate of TNB. To sum up, TNB award won by the super tribe will also be of considerable value in the future. Thirdly, super tribe resources can better interact and integrate with TNB project resources: TNB public chain has significant advantages in technology, scene, community, talent, user resources and so on. It can aggregate resources from all sides to promote ecological construction and innovative development of campaign tribes and come into being an effective closed-loop operation track, which will help super tribes to form a digital industry to develop in depth. Fourth, have the right to vote and speak of TNB time ecology. In the growing and prosperous development of the TNB super tribes, according to the number of the super tribe votes and its contribution, the tribe will have right to vote and govern TNB ecological community.

At present, with the global campaign plan for the TNB super tribe launched, the easy-to-use version of the voting website has also continued to attract a large number of supporters, and because the voting mechanism adopts no threshold, therefore, the holders come together to vote for a huge consensus gain, and the ranking of tribes for excellence is rapidly changing, that can be said to be unprecedented.

Until now, the TNB super tribe total number of vote have reached 318,117,079, approximately 11.6 % of total circulation.

At this point, TNB hopes that more like-minded friends can come to witness the brilliant development of digital time together with TNB ecology, contribute to the application of digital time, jointly promote the sound development of blockchain industry, inject new energy into the harmonious digital information environment and open a new track.

TNB Team

July 25

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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