TNB innovation drives time and economic change, and won two awards in blockchain industry

Recently, the TNB time value transmission network, as a leader in the public chain of the blockchain industry, has frequently released good news. After winning the “Blockchain Innovation Value Award” at the 2019 Financial Technology Blockchain Summit on September 9, after a week,

another won the EBTC2019 Blockchain Industry Most Focus by the project award. The continuous two awards are not only the summary and recognition of the TNB public chain in the past year, but also the future development direction of TNB. At the same time, it also shows that TNB promotes the continuous strengthening of the layout and application ability in the scene matrix, as a way of creating a full industry format, and constructing the seamless supply and demand, which has once again won the great support.

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In the just closed “EBTC 2019 China Blockchain Technology Application and Ecology Conference and Industry Award ceremony”, TNB is a kind of chain based on the physical industry, the new microeconomic model and the public chain of bridging solutions between big data’s talent digital time and business scenarios. In the development mission of seeking innovation and pursuing excellence, the continuous improvement in infrastructure at the bottom of the public chain and the performance provide complete technical service support and stable community ecological environment for the commercial DApp. Therefore, the Blockchain Industry Most Focus project award won by TNB at the summit is well deserved. This is not only the affirmation of the road of getting rid of virtual to real of TNB in the field of blockchain, but also the perfect display value of TNB to blockchain + time.

As a leader in promoting the digitization of time economy in blockchain, TNB always adheres to the combination of ecological innovation and scene application through its complete decentralized “blockchain time” system. It is the first public chain project to realize the landing of application in the field of blockchain, and in the process of gradually driving the integration of ecological application MiaoA and multiple scenarios, a global intelligent management architecture based on talent, alternative talent and value-added attribute standards to realize the flow of digital time has been developed. At the same time, in the consumption link of MiaoA, which is based on the intelligent matching of the target and the scene, the accurate operation structure of the whole process has also established a profitable financial model through the closed-loop operation track. It ensures the sustainable development of ecology.

TNB combined with blockchain technology, naturally conforms to the definition of time

Reviewing the development of TNB, its cognition of the time value of everything is the gradual progress of the creative thinking with the value creation, exploration and effective circulation as the core to replace the traditional simple thinking. In other words, the embodiment of time value in TNB is tend to personalized extraction and efficiency improvement, it will be able to form a transport chain through blockchain technology, and finally realize the quantification, appreciation and realization. The blockchain naturally conforms to the definition of time in the universe, and has the characteristics of one-way extension, irrevocable, irreversible, open and transparent, and general consensus. Therefore, the decentralized time value transmission network of TNB is gradually driving the digital connection between more people, scenes, commodities and other things so as to realize the potential development and commercial utilization in time value.

TNB Team

Sep. 29

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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