TNB is invited to attend the Thousand People Festival, with thousands of high-quality enterprises to form a consensus

On Aug. 24, 2019, The “Thousand People Festival” sponsored by IP Planet, officially open up in Hangzhou, China. As the world’s first public chain to promote time digital business applications, TNB is invited to attend the event and reached strategic cooperation with IP Star with its mature experience and feasible underlying technical logic of blockchain time DApp. This time, the TNB project will work with 1,000 outstanding community nodes, industry experts and partners from multi perspective of ecological research and development, newly traffic introduction, technology upgrading, community management, so as to share the forward-looking thinking on how to create phenomenal applications, and jointly initiate in-depth discussion and analysis expansion on visitor traffic and new application scenarios, even community prosperity.

With the emergence of the digital currency of the central bank, different regional governments have set up blockchain industrial parks and pilot operation, therefore, the development of blockchain technology is also gradually moving towards rationality and standardization. At the same time, the market also puts forward higher requirements for the reform and support toward the new generation of transformational technology in the process of commercialization, not only the demand for efficiency and excellence, but also more for business development of innovation and practical use. Among them, sustainable development of blockchain enterprises, traffic has become the most important problem to be solved. That is to say, to focus on the acquisition and improvement of users traffic, it will become the primary task of the blockchain technology as the main application enterprise.

Therefore, in the holding of the “IP Star Thousand people Festival”, the topic of “creating the trump card application in the industry and looking for the strongest community” has quickly become a new bright spot in the field of blockchain development. The significance of this event is once again created a new driving force for the orderly development of the blockchain industry.

In addition, the cohesion of the Thousand people Festival is to abandon the narrow game concept, and to bring together the 1,000 highest quality enterprises in the field of blockchain through the consensus concept of openness, cooperation, and coordination. Take innovation, integration, cross-border and inheritance as the concept guidance, it is to integrate the ecological application ability of all parties, jointly drive the traffic growth, and enhance the value, realize the re-evolution of the application of blockchain technology in various industry.

At the same time, Xiaowu Ji, as a special guest, shares the theme of “where is the future of Blockchain?” “Blockchain technology as a new weapon that can enhance the efficiency of the industry, it should not only stay in the conceptualization with mysterious, but more in the public and the mainstream. By enriching the solid application of blockchain technology, it is to promote a circular track of “technology — application — into cash”, Xiaowu Ji said. Finally, the ultimate significance of the blockchain in the future is the research and development of income will nurture blockchain technology as well.

TNB reaches strategic cooperation with IP Star

In this festival, TNB reaches strategic cooperation with IP Star in the issues of technology and traffic support, it will boost data resources connection, jointly research and develop the Star user group as the main scene, and lead the new business type model to realize more core users precipitation, promote at different levels and form a new ecological structure, but also will boost the interactive and double growth of traffic, consolidate their ecological advantages, and bring unprecedented new experiences and gameplay for community users. In this cooperation, TNB, as the first force in the world to carry out the time stage of capitalization and digitalization, with mature and feasible operating architecture and underlying technology among the thousands of high-quality enterprises competing on the IP Star became the first project to register in the IP Star and win public praise. Besides, IP Star as a recent blockchain large traffic, it will also boost two sides give out a new spark to help orderly development of digitization.

TNB Time Value Transmission Network

As the first time value transmission network, TNB is one of the earliest public chain in blockchain industry. With the development of DApp as the leading focus, it has continuously promoted the transformation from traditional time to digitization, and has formed a complete blockchain time governance system under the decentralized system. Its main network is based on the “PoW+PoS hybrid consensus mechanism” as the consensus logic to ensure the security and prosperity of the community ecology, and combined with the “X. 509 standard” core technology to further meet the TNB ecology development.

About IP Star

IP Star is used to link global community users, developed by the well-known public IPC intellectual property chain, and is committed to linking the development of global ecological communities, promoting and popularizing the ecological mining pool DApp for the globalization of blockchain digital assets. It pioneered the “lottery is mining” model, and its main functions including but not limited to digital currency airdrops, lottery, guessing, etc. IP Star depends on ecological application ability of IPC public chain, the high quality of the large users and numerous block chain project to set up a a “Baidu Traffic Ecology Alliance” of chain block industry. And it through all channels, diversified cooperation method has realized the effective coverage of global main users and project parties. It help project parties quickly realize community fission, bring more fun for the user to participate in the way and the pluralistic income possibilities.

In the wave of multi-party linkage and cohesiveness, 1,000 high-quality enterprises have jointly fulfilled the requirements of “innovation, hard work, and responsibility”, and jointly analyzed the strategies and trends for the traffic improvement, and jointly injected confidence into the industry. I believe that under the multi-party cooperation of various fields, we will work together to build a new ecology, and witness infinite possibilities in the future.

TNB Team

Aug. 24

TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.