TNB pioneered “digital time”, “time is money” become possible

Blockchain technology, also known as distributed ledger, is a network database which characterized by peer-to-peer, open and transparent, untampered, and in an open source model to allow everyone to participate in database recording, broadcasting, and synchronization. This is like a person’s life, from the beginning to individual birth, growth, all those processes can generate data records from different channels. And when these data are integrated and identified by asymmetric encryption algorithms and timestamps, shuttling through a timeline, then each person’s life can also be understood as a unique private chain.

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TNB pioneered “digital time”, realize the talents time value-added

Taking the individual as the target and digital information is no longer out of reach. The “time chain”, represented by the TNB time value transmission network, has creatively regarded talents and potential talents realize the application and landing of data with time as the unit.

It should be noted that in the ecological application of TNB public chain, the target of personal digital time circulation has been realized. Under the credible environment of blockchain technology, any information that has been packaged into and linked to the block cannot be arbitrarily falsified. Because each digital title is in the process of going up the chain, it already has its own personal Data key, so that when the digital target’s ownership of the individual exercises market behavior such as sale, transfer, transaction, etc., the digital time value transmission will also form in the next step. Therefore, the number of circulation time also will be more safe and reliable.

What’s more, the greatness of the TNB time value transmission network is a real time stamping system. In this system, there are not only digital personal development experience, but also the architectural support of many ecological partners in the field of digital media, digital games, wallets, mining pools, and infrastructure suppliers. In such a huge network construction, all parties’ information and data are transparent. Therefore, with the help of the TNB public chain, efficient resource matching and resource reuse promote value-added services and regeneration. This is the mission and responsibility of TNB public chain to create digital time value transmission.

TNB Team

May 24th

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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