TNB Public Chain, A Deeply Business Thought Of Blockchain And Time

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As an important driving force of the fourth industrial revolution, blockchain is an important cornerstone of building value interconnection. However, value interconnection is different from information interconnection in the internet era, and its application requirements for digitization will be more stringent. Only after ensuring the real, effective and objective circulation of all targets on the chain, can information data of a series of activities, transactions, consumption have commercial value. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to enter blockchain in face of digital transformation to reconstruct people’s life way.

TNB public chain, represented by the digital identity, already has the ability to link and manage individuals digitally real identity. As a blockchain industry serving the time and large ecological operating system, TNB public chain presents the technical logic blockchain in a trusted environment. It makes it possible to carry out point-to-point value transmission through time measurement and create ecological applications. Under the consensus and incentive system, it also makes a large-scale cooperation in whole society, eventually becoming a predictable business practice. Therefore, TNB public chain is a interaction between the world’s best “time economy” model and the behavior of talents, scenarios, products, services, users, etc., in such an environment as walking into the blockchain and working together. Finally, the giant ecological network finally is realized.

What is the digital time?

Digital time is to identify and depict individual information by digital means, and to realize the chain of time unit form by using coin in ecology as a carrier of circulation and value transmission. At the same time, it stores personal real-time data, business data as a value-sharing body to achieve the comprehensive commercial.

Why to build a time transfer network?

1. To collect information and avoid market data more fragmentation and is landing. Although unicorn enterprises have a lot of market information in the Internet era, they are closed and independent, so that in big data’s integrated analysis and application, its accuracy and timeliness are far from reaching standard. TNB public chain of its market application is to promote the relationship between people and people, people and things in globalization by linking global high-quality ecology, talents and services, and measuring them. Because in a globalized market, only efficient interconnection can further tap potential, services, and goods in the market. As a result, TNB public chain, whether it is services, talents, or ecology, can be put online will realize value circulation comprehensive effect.

2. To meet society’s demand for the talent service. Together with an unique community in the era of blockchain, individual digital time establishment, confronted with consumption upgrading and big data’s application, the consumers demand is also more clearly visible. The implementation and landing of customized services for enterprises has also become easier. For example, business scenarios can be linked for user attributes and consumption purposes, or consumer activities can be generated, or one-to-one precision services can be completed. The use of blockchain carrying digital information featured by open and transparent, non tampered, all those will also further promote the consumption efficient. TNB, as a preacher of “blockchain time”, has been adhering to the principle of user first since launched, and continues to urge ecological applications to improve their own service ability to realize use’s rights and interests improvement in participating in ecological construction. Of course, the creation of digital time, but also further reduce the cost of repeated communication between service providers and users, greatly improving the efficiency of digital time circulation.

3. To build an ecological alliance system to achieve global talent interconnection and win-win. In the field of blockchain, the public chain project led by TNB, after completing main network launched and main network swapping, the construction and integration of ecology will also become an important means to accelerate their scene layout. But in driving data sharing and linking among industries, the consensus mechanism and incentive system of TNB holding blockchain technology will effectively drive the ecological all parties to participate and further promote the sharing and information linking. This can significantly improve collaboration efficiency as a whole and maximize the individual potential.

MiaoA of TNB ecological time value, with the help of public chain technology, will be realized efficient transmission on the chain. MiaoA is the earliest ecological application of TNB public chain. MiaoA’s bold innovation and supported by TNB public chain, will further realize digital rights and interests that can be traced back to the issuer’s exclusive “personal digital identity” in the future. That is to say, the issuer’s personal information, behavior data, unit time value can all pass through the TNB main chain technical function. Under the background of ecological applications, the interaction with more consumers, ecology and scenes to promote personal time value and business value-added, so as to obtain more considerable returns.

TNB Team

April 18th

Written by

TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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