TNB Public Chain focus on blockchain layout and development

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With digital time industry rising, more and more potential talents, consumption scenarios, financial commodities and other highly value-added market elements will be highly integrated and linked. Therefore, the time economy market value, closed-loop operation mode, value-added rules also attract much attention.

As a mature and open time economy industry chain, TNB public chain has begun to lay out the plan completion, recruitment and super nodes. The strategy means that TNB will use more efficient technical to support large-scale industrial links and achieve more dimensions. Including ecological partners integration and innovation, such as exchange mine pools, wallets, games, media, venture capital enterprises, infrastructure suppliers and so on, so as to further promote the integration and reuse of resources, information and business rules in the ecological structure.

After the information market realizes intelligent and digital scale application, it will inevitably lead to the blockchain technology. It can be seen that as a brand new technology application, the block chain, combined with the commercial value generated by traditional enterprises, has proved that it has the energy to enable enterprises to reconstruct supply and demand management from the ecological level.

The commercial application of TNB public chain is to seek higher-dimensional industrial interconnection. Through intelligent and efficient supply and demand management, TNB provides a digital time unit as a new measure of market circulation for everything that cannot satisfy its own value to realize multi-scenario application and commercial realization. Based on the value transmission technology, the supply and demand process is completely interconnected from the links of customization, digital value distribution, scene matching, etc. The data and information generated by the flow between the targets are effectively interconnected to form a digital supply and demand. As the important ecological application of TNB public chain, MiaoA digital time trading platform, the transaction, sharing and distribution of digital time in the ecological structure are the most important supporting element in the whole ecosystem.

The model construction of the TNB time value transmission network can be said to be a digital iteration of the existing market supply and demand relationship. It changes the way of communication between stakeholders, and provides an efficient method of precision between people and scenes. Therefore, the TNB public chain uses a new model system to achieve effective matching and equity appreciation among stakeholders, businesses, and scenarios.

TNB Team

May 17th, 2019

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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