TNB public chain: independent innovation has become the core driving force for the blockchain

Recently, Li Lihui, former president of the Bank of China, stressed that all countries have not realized the large-scale application of blockchain technology at the forum. The research and development of blockchain technology in China is committed to breaking through the bottleneck of large-scale and reliable application. The digital economy and maintain its security are strongly necessary. Specifically, China should master independent and controllable technologies, speed up standardization construction and institutional innovation, promote the integration and sharing of public data resources, and step up efforts to protect data security and personal privacy.

Thus it can be seen that promoting multi-level innovation of blockchain technology and application landing is the only way to highlight blockchain value. At the same time, as an important cornerstone of building value interconnection, blockchain has more strict requirements for digital applications. Only after ensuring that all the actions on the chain are truly effective and objective circulation, the information and data related to a series of activities, transactions, consumption and so on will have commercial value. Therefore, in the era of blockchain, innovation is necessary in the face of the digital transformation of reconstructing people’s way of life.

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The public chain represented by TNB is an important node in the era of blockchain 3.0. TNB public chain takes the time value transmission of “people, scenes and things” as its own responsibility, under the background of high decentralization, through distributed data storage, consensus mechanism, point-to-point transmission and other technologies, it has made further improvements and breakthroughs on the basis of sharing time business operation, so that the time behind personal and physical industries can realize business circulation and value realization under more complex business logic. It means that blockchain technology can not only integrate and optimize relevant data for traditional industries, but also achieve logical interoperability or build bridges for more industries. For this reason, in the advanced process of reshaping time, TNB public chain will be able to link the most innovative DAPP in the time economy and the real industries in urgent need of reform and transformation, which will undoubtedly prepare TNB for carrying large-scale flow of digital assets in the future.

Generally speaking, the data storage of blockchain node provides an ecological framework in which huge data can be collected and recorded for the “people, scenes and things”. Moreover, with the features of non tampered with and double catalysis, digital time can achieve commercial operation. The blockchain is used in the field of time economy, and its decentralized feature also enables TNB to eliminate information asymmetry to the maximum extent via the digital operation and management, which not only increases the individual and physical industry application time in the market, but also enhances the rapid response ability of interconnection among various ecosystems in the whole time value chain. Thus, it promotes the diversification and value-added for the whole time industry eventually.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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