TNB Public Chain Promote Individual Time Onchain More Digitization

In 2018, the closely combination of blockchain technology and industries not only promotes internet applications diversified development, but also gives birth to tremendous innovative industries landing. As a transformative newly technology, blockchain is increasingly trending to integration, accelerating the deep connection and innovation so as to propel the digital economy in its scenic construction and ecological development.

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TNB Public Chain Fulfil Individual Time On-chain Landing

The mingling of time Economy and blockchain technology is one of the most promising areas in blockchain industry. Among them, the TNB public chain and its ecological application are the most prominent and promising. As we all know, based on the improvement and upgrading of time economy in the internet era, TNB public chain itself promotes personal time digital chain sharing and intelligent sharing by blockchain technology. That is to say, every valuable individual in the future will be able to achieve their digital time onchain through TNB public chain. What is more, it is one of the best way to fulfill personal time diversified value through efforts of public chain technical application and scene sharing.

With regard to TNB public chain application layer, its blockchain technology can virtually achieve onchain registration, including time marking, rights, obligations, credit reputation, ownership. Meanwhile, it will be made public to the whole world by means of untampered attributes and authentic transaction behavior, thereby digital time circulating assets will be produced. The final formation of onchain transactions, payments, repurchase, transfers, dividends are totally personal time after onchain completion to achieve value-added and transaction data commercial landing.

Time Economy Embrace Blockchain Technology Become More Revolutionary And Innovative

In fact, it is difficult to develop a sort of applications with diversified time economy, but also bear the high cost of building mutual trust. In the process of time digital operation, it not only accelerates the trustworthy problem of individual time sharing and business value added in ecosystem, but also determines the blockchain industry redefining individual role and wealth distribution mechanism in business ecology system. In addition, time economy will be further promoted under a complex business logical environment. Time economy and blockchain technology is not only the general trend, its application value in the market will also be more imaginative space.

TNB Promotes Ecological Application Development

Recently, according to MiaoA Digital time Trading platform owned by TNB Public chain Ecology, individual digital time of Ji Xiaowu, a senior adviser of MiaoA, has been officially started to exchange, according to announcement of TNB digital time trading platform. For this time of sale, Ji Xiaowu himself time is following the online MiaoA time trading platform, once again for commercial value-added exploration. Of course, different from previous MiaoA e-commerce platform sharing mode, Ji Xiaowu himself time combined with technology only serves the blockchain industry.

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So to speak, as the world’s first professional individual time asset management system, MiaoA from the early days to now complete the leading people online, continue to achieve the issuer’s business value-added. All those achievements, the market is obvious to all. Ji Xiaowu’s personal time digitizing is also his bullish on the prospects of digital time industry.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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