TNB Public Chain, The Exploration and Challenge Behind Utopia

When blockchain as a tipping point swept through traditional industry, each industry are keen to introduce blockchain concept, and gimmick promotion to attract attention. However, as a preacher and practitioner of the “blockchain time”, TNB public chain, as well as its new conceptual ecological community model is seamless integration with multiple plates, and cultivating a new business scenarios. As a result, it is always at the top of the crypto industry. Relevant senior practitioners believe that TNB public chain carried by digital time ecological community. Its promotion belief is more like Plato’s eyes of the “Utopia”.

TNB Public Chain of “Utopia”, the theme is about global talent value management and value-added.

TNB public chain its achievement gained in the field of “block chain time” is not only to add mode in concept and technology, but also after many years of research and exploration in “time economy” under market continuous application and verification. After trial and error, it gradually developed into today’s ecological community in line with business logic. TNB ecology evolution is a self-iteration and leap forward with bottleneck period of “shared time” and in a complex business environment. The creation of TNB ecology can be understood as talent time reconstruction and increment. That is to say, the talents time management will reconstruct blockchain technology and global ecological data in its integration and interaction. The commercial talent time will be fuller and finer, even its value behind time will be further enhanced. TNB time value transfer network, as the first generation of public chain project, its landing is reflected in a fact that TNB public chain has formed a mature and feasible multi-ecological application architecture system, and effectively interconnected and interacted with the ecological resources of all parties.

Taking digital time as a circulation carrier, it has realized cooperation and linkage under the maximum probability among issuers, consumers and commercial scenes in each ecology. Then, after the efficient use and circulation of digital time, it is bound to achieve further value-added.

TNB Public Chain of “Utopia” will further promote self value-added

TNB public chain is a closed profit system, which combines blockchain technology and takes the digital circulation and time reshaping utilization as a value target. It breaks the talent sharing skills information asymmetry and establishes mutual trust between people and people, people and things, and makes blockchain time a new type of measuring instrument in talent market. The talents circulation value is more real, credible and transparent.

Of course, TNB public chain is not only aimed at remolding and global leaders value exploration. In the recent foreign business exchanges and cooperation, the relevant person in charge also revealed the short-term strategic goal of TNB public chain, that is, TNB public chain will promote ecological application MiaoA to launch “time enlivening plan”. The execution of the plan selection to the issuer general talent, the key to cultivate and develop mining thinking path and general talent potential for inheritance, will also rooted in the demand for community members object, the personalized needs of construction launched accurate service and fine management, make the issuer with the platform, the process of grow up with the community members, realize mutual benefit and reciprocity, alternate and mutual win. This is another important step taken by TNB public chain to improve community services and build the “ideal country” with issuers and community members.

It should be noted that for those with ideal potential, the initial value of the on-line unit digital time may not be high, but under the driving and nurturing of the platform, the personal digital time will also realize the maximization and appreciation of value. The potential development of the potential to realize the value-added of its own market value is the “Time Revitalization Plan”. It is believed that this will be an important means to maintain the stability and order of the community and enhance the enthusiasm of members.

According to the industry, 2019 will be a year in which the blockchain combined with industry to accelerate innovation. At the same time, the application of ecological specialization and the precision of users will also become an important criterion for testing blockchain enterprises. Therefore, only like TNB in this way, the chain can continue to pay close attention to the rapid advancement of the version, and the ecological construction and ecological construction will continue to make strenuous efforts to keep up with the rapid progress in whole industry.

TNB Team



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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.