TNB reaches a strategic partnership with DragonEx to delve into blockchain and game scenarios

On Mar. 1, TNB reaches a strategic partnership with DragonEx, both sides will take blockchain scene application as a pointcut to jointly promote game industry application more commercialization. During this process, TNB as an important payment means will get involved into the DragonEx platform in its GoDice fair game. On March 4, it is officially launched TNB recharge and betting play operation. Through this cooperation, it is an another important strategic advance for TNB to go deep into the blockchain game scene and further improve ecosystem.

TNB: Individual Time Value Circulation and Value-added

MiaoA International Timechain International time value chain, abbreviated as M.I.T., aims to create a precise time value transmission network. M.I.T is the underlying platform based on blockchain technology, and TNB is used as token for time commodity value transmission. It is striving to create a completely decentralized, cross-border, flexible transactions, transparent prices, rights and interests have been well protected personal time value transmission platform.

DragonEx is a Cryptocurrency trading platform registered in Singapore, which initiates the Trading-mining model with the Holding-sharing feature, ranking top-20 in the world. DragonEx has more than 240,000 active users and opens 5 markets, which are USDT, BTC, ETH, DC and NEW, with hundreds of trading pairs in it. DragonEx also supports OTC Fiat Deposits & Withdrawals and is licensed by the EU Cryptocurrency regulators. In addition, the platform support Chinese(simplified and traditional Chinese characters) and English language system, covering WEB, iOS, Android terminals. GoDice is a fair dice mini game, which based on blockchain technology in DragonEx ecology. It is now support DT, TNB, USDT, EOS to bet, but more crypto currencies will be added in the future. GoDice combines blockchain technology featured by its irreversibility and non tampered to ensure fair game and no forged. The user clicks on the copy hash and opens it on the browser to see corresponding hash value and dice number. GoDice brings quality and objective traffic to the DragonEx open platform.

GoDice Deep Into Blockchain Game Domain, TNB Make Application Scene Become Richer

Since its launch, TNB ecology has been favored by many community developers and scene partners. Therefore, in the choice of a strategic alliance, TNB, while following its own ecological and healthy development, has been taking scene construction and technological innovation as an important implementation standard to build a sound blockchain industry ecology. More importantly, all currencies online DragonEx also have a strict screening process. After a number of rounds of market research according to users hold ranking, finally TNB is available as a new circulating currency. Namely speaking, this cooperation can be said to be favored by the general public.

In fact, blockchain technology can effectively eliminate virtual assets depreciation in traditional game. Blockchain game scene is with the help of game industry chain maturity, TNB layout on the one hand, it enriches own ecosystem scene application. On the other hand, it will further enhance TNB circulation value in the market.

In a word, TNB as an important means payment into DragonEx ecology, it is based on a common concept and development goals, the dual sides will give full play to their respective ecological advantages and deeply cultivate technological innovation. TNB will always actively expand blockchain games landing application in the commercial field, in-depth explore blockchain digital game scene innovation and development.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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