TNB release positive signal, strengthen blockchain time commercialization

As the first commercial promoter of “blockchain time” concept in the world, TNB has always maintained strategic determination and created a new situation in promoting the multiple industrial chains and activating the energy of data value on the chain. And in the past half a month, TNB releases multiple good news in a row.

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TNB introduces Yunshang Capital strategic investment

On July 26, 2019, TNB officially introduced Yunshang Capital strategic investment. Yunshang Capital, as an international organization specializing in blockchain investment, is a long-term supporter of TNB projects. In this investment, Yunshang Capital is very optimistic about the TNB commercial application practice in time blockchain, and recognizes their spirit of cooperation and innovation. More importantly, under the strong combination of co-creating in the industry, the strategic investment will also build a close bridge for the both sides, and provide powerful support for TNB to accelerate the multiple channels integration.

Yuchuan Shi’s digital time growth momentum is strong, the prospect is promising

On August 1, 2019, the issuer of MiaoA Digital time Trading platform, Yuchuan Shi’s digital time had completed the repurchase and burning for the second time since its launched within dozens of days through exercise income. The market circulation rate of digital time continues to rise, and the market prospect is promising. Particularly noted, Yuchuan Shi is the first issuer that MiaoA new rules launched for the online process of Digital time issuers, which has been strictly reviewed. On the other hand, it can confirm once again that MiaoA is transformed and upgraded by the ecological mechanism. In the face of the difficulties faced by the whole industry in dealing with the transformation and upgrading in the traditional economy, MiaoA’s digital time platform has taken the lead in completing the development and industrial user feedback, and more high-quality issuers under the new rules will increasingly grow.

TNB officially list

Singapore time, on, Aug 3, 2019. TNB, as a high-quality digital asset in the industry, has officially listed digital currency trading bank and opened TNB/USDT trading pair. This is after TNB successively listed in 14 top exchanges, another mainstream exchange optimistic about the TNB long-term development in the blockchain time application, and strive to create diversified digital asset financial services. In this cooperation, strategically support the ecological and development of TNB, on the other hands, the two sides will explore and distribute financial consumption scenarios with more development routes, and enrich the blockchain and financial ecosystem so as to bring professional and multi trading pairs to investor.

As we all know, if the value of virtual assets is completely based on scenarios created out of thin air or conceptual hype, then the risk will increase synchronously. However, TNB is based on social talents, consumption scenarios and commodities with value-added attributes, and the practical value and commercial application of its real digital objects is within reach, which fully shows that TNB featured by security, reliability and ecological DApp as the key consumption scenario, all those improvement have a strong strength, and the rising logic is clear.

TNB Team

Aug. 15

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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