TNB Super Tribe, what will the voter obtain?

In the building of community governance as the core development goal, the star enterprises in each blockchain are affected by the concept of “community autonomy”.

Therefore, in the context of TNB global campaign for super tribes started, TNB will also land through effective value feedback, development concepts, and continuous application to attract more users to register, participate in the TNB Super Tribe global campaign, win huge profits and unlimited honor. Community users who already held TNB can vote for the super tribes they support.

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What will the voter obtain?

Firstly, it is to obtain gains by pledge voting. Through the beta voting website of TNB Super Tribes Campaign ( ), the holders receive corresponding rewards from tribe according to the proportion of votes. At the same time, you can receive random rewards determined by the tribe regular or irregular, which will be distributed by the tribe independently and obtained in real time.

Second, decentralized governance to ensure fairness and justice. As the campaign plan of TNB super tribes will implement a completely decentralized governance structure, every number of super tribes and alternative tribes will be reasonably set to ensure that powerful and responsible ones are better able to assume the responsibility of community autonomy on behalf of a wide range of users. Thirdly, decentralized governance and decision-making are more public opinion. The holders who participate in the vote can enjoy ecological governance under complete decentralization, and the tribe’s final decision will also be more popular and public opinion.

Fourth, to help individuals accelerate their growth. TNB holders who vote can make more like-minded friends in the community and grow rapidly with the prosperity of TNB. Fifth, to participate in the global community building of TNB super tribes to achieve co-construction and sharing governance. As another important leapfrog development technology after the Internet, blockchain voting users who participate in community co-governance will also become the backbone of new era and shape the future. At the same time, the decentralized structure of TNB super tribe is also an important means to enhance the sense of community members belonging, because its voting will determine the tribe whether can get more rewards. Of course, the voting governance mechanism will also determine the direction of tribe development. Sixth, to enjoy more profits from TNB appreciation. Under the condition that voting users jointly promote community building and ecology, they will also boost tribes development in a sustained and sound way, and the overall value of TNB super tribes will also continue to rise, which can further activate market potential and enable voting users to gain more long-term returns.

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Can you ask voters for the super tribe you support?

Fully understand the industrial value and development prospects of the super tribes, you can give reasons in the community and conduct publicity, word-of-mouth marketing and soliciting votes for the supporting super tribes, so as to let more holders recognize and vote. Of course, you can also help the supported tribes to make their voices heard through personal platform, or through official platform such as Weibo, Facebook, Twitter and @tnb, so as to speak out the advantages of supporting tribe’s development and make more people become the supporters of super tribe and gain profits together.

With the full participation of community holders, the total number of votes cast by super tribes has now reached 307,345,320, accounting for about 11.2% of the total circulation.

At the same time, since the TNB Super Tribe Pool will be used as an annual award plan at 20% of the annual unlocked margin, the annual award plan for TNB will be gradually reduced, so the sooner you participate in the vote, the more awards will be obtained.

TNB Team

July 12

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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