TNB Super Tribes Global Campaign: strong endogenous motivation and strategic value

In the past year, with the accelerated landing of blockchain technology and business scenarios, more and more traditional industries and Internet enterprises have begun to pay attention to and gradually explore the macro-environment in the field of blockchain. Many scholars and researchers have also started to explore the value of blockchain technology in life, business scenarios and other applications.

At present, with the public chain landed, the main network launched, and the super nodes recruitment started, it can be seen that the development of each blockchain enterprise always closely follows the development of bottom technology, application landing, solution and community governance. Among them, the TNB super tribes project, which recently opened a global campaign, has the most media attention. It is understood that, unlike the recruitment of other super nodes, the opening of tribes campaign by TNB is divided into two stages. In the first phase of the pioneering period, it is first introduced from the five influential and commercial leaders in the blockchain field, including Huobi, Gravity, GragonEx, MiaoA and Mysterious, among which the mysterious tribe, with its extraordinary appeal, affects the continuous attention of the media. According to the TNB team, the introduction of the second phase, as well as the Mysterious will also be announced in the near future, the industry remains to be seen.

TNB public chain super tribe global campaign in progress

As a “digital time” project at the star level in the blockchain field, the core operating level of TNB ecology includes the security bottom of super tribe as ecological defender and administrator, the autonomous middle layer of ecological governance of user pledge voting, various application clusters with Dapps as the main body and the top application level with user interaction port. At the same time, in the architecture that already has underlying technology of digital time application, the TNB public chain further shows that the digital time liquidity is in line with business logic. Therefore, under the background of solid promotion of the public chain at the bottom, the TNB public chain and the gradual landing of the ecological DApp, the TNB super tribes opening is also an important strategic progress to strive to win the first place and promote its development of ecological standardization.

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The opening of the TNB super tribe will provide more guarantee for the TNB community ecological prosperity. The specific manifestations are as follows: first, for the introduction of tribes, TNB will be strictly examined by the foundation under the multi-dimensional data provided by tribes, such as technology, funds, resources, operations. The tribe with both strength and influence will be selected to participate and be responsible for the management and maintenance on the TNB chain. At the same time, the tribe will also undertake the decision-making right to the governance and the obligation to provide the relevant programs. Second, the super tribes mean that core technologies, industry solutions, scene resources and operational advantages will further cooperate with each other in investment, mutual demand, linkage and mutual promotion, and jointly promote the healthy and orderly development. Third, on the landing of the voting mechanism, community users with money pledge voting will further bring a more healthy and sound development trend for the ecology, and can effectively avoid the problem of centralization.

Tribes resource sharing can promote the rapid development of TNB ecology

At present, the total amount of TNB is 4,415,707,418 TNB, and the circulation volume is 2,752,987,802 TNB. In this TNB super tribe campaign, the TNB team, from the share of operating ecological construction, put out 500 million TNB for the reward distribution of super tribes voters, and 200 million for the reward distribution of miners, operation and maintenance. In the same period, 300 million TNB was allocated for ecological construction, such as security maintenance, Dapp developer solicitation, special iteration. As a result, with the full participation of community currency holders, the total number of votes cast by super tribes has now reached 304,810,319, accounting for about 11.1 percent of the total circulation.

It can be seen that the start of the super tribes global campaign plan means that a grand community co-construction has officially set sail. Its significance lies in gathering multiple forces, mobilizing community members, coordinating “fighting” and contributing energy together for the common goal and value vision, and continuously promoting the orderly and healthy development of TNB ecology.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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