TNB Super Tribes voting, realize the ecological community prosperity

TNB super tribe global campaign has been operating for ten days, users pledged to vote as high as 253 million, accounting for 9.2% of the total circulation of the TNB market. At the same time, because of the TNB super tribes more strict requirements on the hardware, technical background and traffic requirements, only five star-level seed super tribes were successfully launched at the pioneering stage, and the vote rankings are from high to low: MiaoA, Dragonex, Mysterious tribe, Gravity, Huobi pool. As the biggest suspense in the current super tribe plan, the uncertainty of mysterious tribe has attracted a large number of voters. It is believed that soon, TNB will also unveil this bright star.

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TNB super tribe is a development plan driven by ecological co-construction, co-creation and co-sharing interests. Tribes and voting community users will use POW model to ensure the safety and stability of community, POS model to conduct democratic pledge voting, participating in global campaign and ecological co-governance, promote the formation of a fair community, to get rich rewards. In addition, under the mechanism of community voting users fairer autonomy and more generous rewards, the advantages of tribe technology and resource will also have a positive effect on ecology. The vote in the global election of TNB super tribe is currently in progress. If you want to vote for your favorite tribes, enjoy the benefits and dividends. You can immediately view website to vote.

In the ten days since the TNB Super Tribe started, it has attracted a large number of users to participate in the campaign, but also been supported by many regular users in the community, indicating that the commercial value and development prospects of market for the commercial development in blockchain technology time operating mechanism have been further recognized. At the same time, in the practical expansion of the application category of deep ploughing digital time multi-DApp, the fruitful landing experience of TNB has also given all participating tribes enough support and confidence.

It should be noted that, unlike other public chain business logics, it draws on the strengths of others to focus on discovering and releasing the time value behind talents. The DApp distributed application system builds a new blockchain technology for the real world and serves. It also provides basic frameworks, application architectures, value-added logic, operational rules, technical facilities and other standardized framework systems for digital time-chaining, circulation, and trading for the development and linkage of time value. At the same time, under the dual-catalysis of the TNB public chain launching, the public chain opening mapping, and the high-speed layout, construction and landing of the ecological DApp, the digital time can realize the sustainable commercial operation, and gradually attract more attention and participation from the global users. Therefore, the breakout of TNB super tribes ecological construction, open and promote cooperation to win high-quality development, will also become a new starting point, comprehensively promote the widespread application of digital time and efficient circulation, and further enhance the circulation value of TNB.

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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