TNB technology and application waves, promoting the integration of blockchain with entities

As a new and innovative technology, in recent years has been a number of industries in the most compelling hot topic. Under the favorable policies, the specific impact of blockchain technology on the social and financial structure and production relations has once again become the only topic across street talk. There is no doubt that this not only defines the direction for the blockchain industry, but also brings more confidence and motivation to the market.

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TNB development direction: access to integrating with real economy

Reviewing the development route of TNB in recent years, in the process of deeply exploring the technology integration entity industry, TNB is not only the improve the performance technology itself, but also insists on unifying the interconnection between people and scenes. Through the microscopic model with time as the value carrier, it is striving to realize the co-creation, co-construction, win-win and sharing between multi formats and individuals, the key lies in “integration”. In addition, the starting point for TNB to build a digital time value transmission network is not a simple “blockchain +” or “technology +”, but a real value-oriented potential development for the diversified development in real industries and individuals. It completely eliminates the isolated island effect to improve effective information and value data, and virtually solves the efficiency problems, cost and trust in the process of digital circulation.

The blockchain technology featured by decentralization, non-tampering, openness and transparency, contract hard execution and so on, all those features can enhance the ability of intelligent governance for real economy and individuals under a complex business environment. Therefore, in the existing scenario applications, TNB will continue to serve the physical industry with the mature experience the “blockchain time” intelligent governance system and the natural advantages to cross-linking between individuals and scenarios. In addition, in the dual-driven strategic development of “Personal Time Nasdaq” and “Autonomously Talent Time Sales”, MiaoA has initially achieved a substantial breakthrough in the diversified industrial pattern of “blockchain time consumption”. The commercial application based on blockchain time has also formed a differentiated competitive advantage. Its inherent high-throughput, high-concurrent trading module and settlement mode have been regarded as a classic case of deepening microfinance system by public chain technology. Up to now, TNB based on blockchain technology in real economy scenarios has covered many fields, such as high-end knowledge payment, big health, financial consumption, extreme sports diving, professional consulting and so on. TNB already has formed a multi trends in the initial stage of “block chain +” ecology.

It can be predicted that in the process of continuously opening up the ecological elements such as scene, application, value, data and so on, a series of innovations to promote the transformation and upgrading will become a new round of development trends. At the same time, it will also promote the social consensus based on “blockchain + real economy” and accelerate the digital development in traditional enterprises.

TNB team

Nov. 14

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TNB is token that represents MiaoA International Timechain (M.I.T). That is dedicated to building a precision time-value based transmission network.

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